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Chroma app stuck in OFF

  • 2 February 2019
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I just purchased a Firefly so only noticing this now but my Chroma Apps option keeps getting stuck in the OFF position. I have a game (Killing Floor 2) that had chroma effects and now it does not. Maybe the game is no longer supported however this isn't the only game I've noticed it with. I do know it was working very recently as I played that game only about a week ago and saw it working.

No matter what I do as soon after I click Chroma Apps on and navigate to anything else (or even hit the next button within the Chroma Apps window) it moves back to off. I have the most up to date version according to the app saying I do. Uninstalls and re-installs do not help.

Any advice? Really want to see this Firefly in all it's glory

Anyone else experiencing this issue with Chroma apps?

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You can try re-install the Chroma Connect module in Synapse3.

First, remove it (if you have previously installed).

Then, install again..
Ah, so you may have showed me the issue. So I am using Razer Synapse 2 and the reason behind that is; I'm using Razer Surround Pro for some headphones. Not razer but very close and the surround works beautifully on them. I also have a Naga Epic to go along with my Blackwidow Chroma and Firefly.

When I installed Razer Synapse 3, I lost functionality for my headset and my Naga Epic, only the firefly and the Blackwidow were showing up and I couldn't manually add the headset or even the Naga (not being able to add the naga was weird). So I downgraded back down to Razer Syn2 to get the functionality back.

Maybe the uninstall of 3 removed the chroma connect option, but wouldn't the reinstall of syn2 have restored it? I'll try looking for a isolated install of chroma connect and see if that works.
I suggest you try the following steps:
1. Uninstall both Synapse 2 and 3, Restart Computer
2. Install Synapse3, Install Chroma Connect
3. Make sure all the in-game lighting effects work fine
4. Install Synapse2 (if you want)