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Issues with "chroma sync" (keeps crashing once opened up)

Downloaded the chroma sync app yesterday mainly as i wanted to see the csgo profile would do. However, after opening chroma sync and installing the "csgo mode" it hasn't worked since. It crashes upon opening it all the time now. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it about 3 times along with re-installing razer synapse. Ill link a short video below to what it is doing.

Hoping someone might have an idea on what its doing.

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I was wondering if when i managed to install the csgo profile from the app if its somehow embedded somewhere on my machine therefore causing the app to crash on launch? idk
Im having the same problem
Bump, been getting this issue too, worked once, now it crashes
same problem
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I've never seen that chroma sync software before lol. What exactly you want to do with it?
Bump. Exact same problem. Mine occurred too when I downloaded the CS:GO profile. Hope they fix it soon
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Can you write what version of synapse you are using and where you get this profile ?
Razer version 3.4.513.51410 (fully up-to-date)
I got the app directly from the Razer Workshop:
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I assume the profile appear in chroma connect by it self when you open CS GO first time ?
Same problem here
After first install it worked for about 1min and i could install the csgo profile but then it closed and now everytime i want to open it it closes
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From the little info i have here the ansear it comes it's if the app/profile you download is old and not optimized for a long time it can be corrupted or most possible just dont support new softwere/game.
Got a bit more information from the logs of Chroma Sync (you can find them in %appdata%\\ChromaSync\\logs\\log.txt):
CSGO's Integration downloaded fine, but attempting to download the Minecraft one results in a crash and the following appearing in the log:
2019-06-15 03:44:33,617 [1] ERROR Ultrabox.ChromaSync.App: An unhandled exception occurred: End of Central Directory record could not be found.

The crash on the restart doesn't seem to cause any log entries.

To fix the crashing, go to
and delete the package that you've last downloaded. If you don't remember, simply delete all the files in the
folder and only redownload the functioning one.
Additional info:
- It seems it doesn't matter which one you download, the second one will always crash the program.
- It doesn't seem to want to restart unless the packages folder is empty!
- I've tried and it doesn't seem the integration (for CS:GO) works at all, I've not tried the one for Minecraft but I'm fairly sure it won't work either.

I suggest using GameDog (also found in the Chroma Workshop under CS:GO) for Counter-Strike. It supports Dota 2 as well and Fallout 4 support is in the works, though there seems to be nothing else there for Minecraft, if that was what you were looking to use.

Hope this'll help people who come across this issue in the future 🙂