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Can't login to the 7.1 app

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Everything was fine last night, today I boot up my pc and razer asks me to login, but it doesn’t let me even though I know my password.

I tried resetting my password, reinstalling the app, restarting the internet but nothing has worked so far. Since I cant login with my Razer ID that means I cant use the 7.1 surround sound, which I have been using for years now so everything sounds weird.

I’ve gotten 3 different errors so far:

Server access unavailable. Please check your internet connection.

then I got a weird “TEXT_ERROR_EMILY_503” error

and the third error just said try again later, now it keeps giving me the internet connection error.



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Exactly the same, the only thing i got different was that it also said that my password or my mail is wrong which is weird since i can log onto my razer id on the site just fine, please somebody help

Have the same problem...

Сегодня вроде все работало, сейчас села за ПК не могу войти в учетку 7.1


Same problem here, same errors


Can’t log in. Yesterday everything was fine, today i cant use the THX



RAZER we need answer asap!!! We paid for this services!


Exact same issue!


same error @razer please help


same here

Same issue here and if i try and use 7.1 without the app open it sounds like a broken radio

Having the same isuue and also logged me out synaspe software as well and giving same error


 same here

Same to me… 

Same Issue i just logged on my pc and kept trying to log into Razer 7.1 Sourround Sound but it wouldnt let me.

It kept sending me back to the login page.

I even tried reseting my password.

Didnt work either.


Razer please help

  • Same dude


Faced the same problem. Windows was updated and after that the THX Spatial Audio program broke

Why the suport is so bad dude, look who many users have this problem. 


having the same issue here 

thought that i could come here for help but it seems they have maybe disabled the services or something? idk anymore because all of us are having the same issue at the exact same time


Have  the same problem. Changed my email to a new one same goes for my passord. Still the same issue. RAZER! Come on! Help us! 

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Same here



+1 :/


Omg.. same with me (and many others how I see here...) 

Tried contack support - w8ed for like 30 mins as 2nd in chat queue then got promoted to be only one who was w8ing for chat with support… after another 20 mins I just decided to leave the chat …..

Nothing helped me here …. GG WP :)

i hope they will fix it ASAP.