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Issue with Razer Synapse Profile Auto-Switching in COD MW3 2023

  • 26 November 2023
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Hi there,

I'm experiencing an issue with my Razer Synapse profile auto-switching in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023). Initially, everything works fine – the profile switches automatically upon game launch. However, if I minimize or tab out of the game, the profile switches back to my default (previous) profile. The real problem arises when I tab back into the game; the profile doesn't switch back to the MW3 setup.

I did some digging and noticed that the game linking seems to be part of the issue. When I link COD.exe in Razer Synapse, it appears correctly, but upon launching the game, the .exe file changes to cod-22.exe. This suggests there might be an issue with how Call of Duty Headquarters (COD HQ) is configured, affecting the profile switching.

I'm reaching out to see if others are facing the same problem and to raise awareness of this issue. Hoping for a fix from Razer soon, as it affects the gaming experience significantly.

Thank you!

13 Replies

Hasn’t been working for me for a couple of weeks now.  Have to force the profile to COD.

Same here. It operates from C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty\_retail_\cod.exe which is not supported by synapse 3. Old link from previous title doesn’t work anymore. 

How you get rid of that sound change? 

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How you get rid of that sound change? 

Sorry what?

cod-22 seems to be an application of MW2.  Also, sp22 and sp23 are campaigns for MW2 and MW3 respectively.  During the MW3 beta test period, this problem did not occur because MW2 and MW3 were recognized by Synapse as separate applications.  Sent by a Japanese person from Google Translate.

Is there any solution to this yet? I'm also experiencing this. 

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Not that I know of, other than manually switching to the profile u want while playing or just dont tab out of the game once you are in.

Nice to see that Razer is doing something about that :(

Money paid so not their problem any more.

The same here. Need manually change the profile which is very uncomfortable.

Same here. Only reason I buy Razer peripherals and now that doesn’t work. Looking for alternatives.

Brand new Huntsman V2 Analog and Deathadder V2 chroma.



Same issue here, still no fix to this day

I have the same issue - RAZER please work on a fix

Just adding another comment that this is broken. Not sure it will affect Razer’s decision or ability to solve it; however, thought I would just add to the chorus that this is not a one-off issue. The application is simply broken with regard to Modern Warfare 3 and automatic profile switching. (no doubt part of it is the silly COD HQ thing but...)