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New razer huntsman v2 pro analog and xbox controller.

  • 20 June 2023
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Im experiencing the same as many others, i bought the huntsman v2 pro and the keyboard itself works perfectly well. But my controller doesn't anymore. i cant play games with it anymore because my computer is reqonizing it as '’ player 2 ‘’ were it sees my keyboard ( the huntsman ) as a player 1 controller.


I tried so much already, Deactivating the devices , Controllers , rebooting alot , disabling certain devices but nothing works. 

Since im a huge single player fan also i want to use my controller with it but now i cant anymore. 
so im reaching out here in the tiny hope someone can help me out. because if it cant be solved im forced to send the huntsman back for a refund.

appearently i didnt do proper research before buying it thats clear to me. 


Hope someone can help me out i cant wait to long to send it back.



Thank you!

5 Replies

I hope there will be an official solution to this. I have the same issue. 

I can’t play dark souls III with my xbox controller when keyboard is plugged-in. 

We need a solution for that!

i have same problem. 

Why is it that they can’t fix this for us… i have this issue as well. I can’t play rocket league because it’s a controller type of game and i cannot play mk on it… it’s kind of ridiculous 

Same problem here I have to unplug everytime I want to use a controller.

I'm Korean.I am feeling uncomfortable due to the same problem.Steam - Helldivers 2 game recognizes the laser keyboard as a controller, making it inconvenient to play the game.I heard that it can be solved by going into the keyboard settings and turning off the controller function as shown in the picture.The feature is not activated in My Keyboard Options, so it cannot be turned off.