Problems after the update on 06.11.23. Headphones Razer BlackShark v2 stopped working THX special audio | Razer Insider

Problems after the update on 06.11.23. Headphones Razer BlackShark v2 stopped working THX special audio

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Now I'm at the point where I don't even remember what my headphones sounded like before, and I don't know if Razer fixed something or if I just got used to this crappy sound quality.

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Still there is no improvement almost 2 month???

Shame on RAZER

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God, I unknowingly upgraded and now thx doesn't work either, when will they fix it?I bought Razer products for the first time, and it looks like the last time

I have a friend who has the same headphone as mine, Razer Blackshark V2 Pro and his headphones work just fine with Spatial Sound but my sound is stuck only in mono, NOT EVEN STEREO HELLO?

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Having Synapse or not, it doesn't change anything with my sound, it stays the same. It is clear that Razer has lied to us.

A friend bought HyperX and hears much better than me, I'm thinking of buying one. Since I have lost a lot of sound quality since Razer made the update and it has screwed everything up.

Which HyperX are good and don't cost more than €200?

So synapse is still broken then? Shame, was hoping razer would have fixed it by now, instead it seems we're just being given the middle finger by razer.


For the guy/gal above, I bought a hyperx cloud alpha wireless to replace my (now) garbage blackshark V2 pro. Cost me just over £100 on Amazon, but it was on sale. It's directional sound isn't as good as the razer was before they broke synapse, but it is infinitely better than how the razer sounds now, and the battery life is insane. Build quality is better than the razer too, and obviously it's biggest selling point is it'll never be effected by a botched synapse update and you won't have to deal with razers utterly useless tech support. Definitely worth looking at as a replacement.

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Yeah it looks like I am going to have to do the same, which is annoying.

What gets me is that this is a critical fail on the driver level. This is the sort of thing that a tech company is supposed to scramble at, doing rollbacks if necessary. Yet here we are, 2+ months later.

Owner of a pair of Razer Essential Headphones here. I'm also the burden victim of the “THX spatial audio” issue and the lack of service from Razer headquarters.


  • The latest Synapse Beta version doesn't support my headphones
  • The earlier version of Synapse doesn't provide any audio when ‘THX Spatial Audio USB generic device’ has been installed. There is only stereo sound when I disable audio enhancements which is okay in this situation because….there is no THX spatial audio to begin with. 


I don't understand why we, as loyal customers need to wait for over more than 2 months by now for a solution. 

This issue is not resolved one the major problem that both programmers and Dev screwed up on is drivers issue level. Both Windows 10 and 11 only see all Razer Headset with THX audio as “Generic USB audio” and no longer 7.1 Surround sound headset every time a update is push it reset and when you look for the drivers in Device management Razer is not listed period. With out correct drivers Window will only see as standard Generic USB Audio. I’m disappointed in this as I love my headset not is sound like list to audio in soup can. I’m now going to have to fine something better with THX sound but Razer now own THX and you’ve ruin it for headset. Think goodness my house audio is from the older THX day and it make all the Razer sound like crap compared to the headset even on analog head put out the Razer headset to shame. I will no longer be buying the Razer USB headset unless a major change happen in the Audio department and also notice prices have gone up and I might have found one that put it to shame. My old RIG 500 7.1SR put it to Shame I’ve had to pull back out since the Drivers don't work with Windows 10 or 11.   

Hi folks,

I had the same problem with my headset "Razer BlackShark V2 Pro 2023", but I solved it myself.
Simply download the official "test version" of THX Spatial here at Razer and install it ( It is very important not to start the test phase or activate the THX software after installation.
Then start the current version of Razer Synapse and the button to switch to THX Spatial will work again.

PS: I'm seriously wondering why Razer can't solve this themselves or offer this as an official workaround.

PPS: for this price of the headset, it's really sad that the software doesn't work correctly and you have to find a solution yourself.

Kind regards

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The above is interesting. Doesn’t quite work per se for me, because my problem is multiple sources conflicting.

So now when I am playing elite, but decide to put youtube on, when a sound happens in one it cancels out the other. Which is odd, and different.

It’s also progress.

Further testing to be done by me.

For a US link for the above:


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I tried it a while ago and it didn't work for me.

Before there was THX APO, Razer says that now they are Generic USB because THX APO was outdated, the generic USB is modern and works better thanks to Synapse.

I doubt it... why does it take away THX APO from us with those excuses but then sells a program for $20+ that uses the "outdated" THX APO, in the future they are going to screw up this program too and you will have spent money like a fool again?

There are very strange things and Razer does not convince, I have lost all trust in Razer. I think they trick us into buying new things from them, but I am clear that I will never buy anything from Razer again.

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Hey. Good sound is now with GG SteelSeries software. it is like damn Synapse but from another seller and there is 7.1 settings that you can change!! Search for GG SteelSeries

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Hey. Good sound is now with GG SteelSeries software. it is like damn Synapse but from another seller and there is 7.1 settings that you can change!! Search for GG SteelSeries

Does this conflict with Synapse?

I have a Razer Keyboard, Mouse and Keypad so I’d rather not uninstall it, if it can be helped.

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It's been so long and the darmaids from Razer still haven't solved the problem.

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The company of clowns

Same problem on the video, you can see the difference between Synapse 3 and THX Spatial programs. There is no need to reinvent the wheel Razer, second program is working, give us activation code.


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Likewise, Barracuda THX and EQ features were disabled after the Razer synapse update.

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Now I hate headphones from this company and will never risk buying any headphones from them again.

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I knew Razer as a company that produces professional gaming products. But unfortunately I was wrong.
The headphones, keyboard, mouse and accessories I had have fallen out of favor.
I will not buy any Razer products again and will not recommend them to anyone.
What a stupid problem. His own headset does not work in his own program. Another program is also running!!!!!!!!

Guys the other program is succesfully running but we cant use via synapse they want 20 $ for use thx.Razer i already give money for thx and you want extra money for thx give us thx code.

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So the synapse software surveyed me randomly asking “If I were enjoying the software” Obviously that’s a nooo. Which actually opened an incident ticket.

Razer support have got to be the single worst support I have ever encountered. Ever.

They only respond in canned messages and ignore all feedback. This is garbage.