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Razer Blackshark V2 Pro (2023) static while streaming on discord

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I’m experiencing an issue with my new Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 model. I purchased and received it less than a week ago, made sure to apply all updates to both the headset and attached USB dongle, and am experiencing the following issue:


Whenever I am streaming (game/show/movie/anything) in Discord, whoever is viewing the stream hears a buzz in the background. I quickly plugged in my old headset (non Razer, wired headset+mic) and the stream is no longer buzzing. My Windows is fully updated, the Razer headset is set as my default mic in windows, etc. I can’t think of any reason as to why the headset would be affecting stream audio. I have even tried muting my mic during stream. Also, the static/buzzing sound does not happen during regular voice calls in discord. I’ve also tested several other calling apps (teams, regular phone calls, etc) and have no audio issues. I have not tried streaming video on any other platform as I don’t really have another platform to test on.


I’m not sure if this is enough information, but I would really appreciate any assistance in solving this issue. Thank you!

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Still no fix? They said they were looking into it almost 2 months ago now and had confirmed there’d be a fix coming. Mine are past the return window now since I was expecting maybe a month for something relatively small like this.

Would appreciate an update to address the extended wait for the patch.

I manually updated my Razer Synapse and my girlfriend said all the buzzing noises disappeared when streaming to her on discord 

I was told today that my stream no longer has a low hertz buzz on discord. Seems to be fixed??

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yeah seems to be fixed but now i just get a buzzing that starts randomly with any noise i play i have to restart the pc to stop it , ive checked with another headset no issues so yet again razor need to put out a fix

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Firmware update just dropped recently, going to test out the headset now and see if the buzzing is still there, or if they patched the bug. Hoping the team sorted the dongle issues out as it seems the dongle went from version 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 in the update.


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Seems to be fixed according to my friends when testing the headset and audio. Definitely hoping there is no other issues that pop up with the headset.

I too have updated the firmware of both the headset and dongle 

Headset: v2.4.2

Dongle: v2.2.0


But BEFORE I have updated the firmware the issue did go away, maybe there was an update for programs like Discord? So I can’t really compare whether if the firmware did fix the issue. Maybe someone else can confirm.

Hey, i am planning on buying this headset.
Can anyone confirm that its fixed?

I’ve been told that while streaming, I no longer have a low hertz buzz.
I do however still have a very faint buzz when lauching certain games, it is only noticeable when there’s no audio. Seems to be a gain issue since the loudness is linked directly to the pc audio levels. .

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the headset is now working fine as far as i can tell however i need new earpads and i cant find these anywhere and support refuses to help so i would say that the support from razer has been generally terrible and i will not be buying from them again 

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I have a similar issue but it will make a REALLY loud static noise randomly. I’ve got the Blackshark V2 headset. I have to unplug the USB and replug to stop the noise temporarily. I just bought it not too long ago. 

I’m having the same issue with my Webex while having a conference call,  randomly my microphone produces static and no one can hear me clearly