Razer Blade 14 (2022) Not Fit for Purpose - Power Issue / Fault / Won't Power On | Razer Insider

Razer Blade 14 (2022) Not Fit for Purpose - Power Issue / Fault / Won't Power On

I purchased a Razer Blade 14 (2022) model from the Razer store on Amazon in June 2022. I have had nothing but issues with this laptop model dying since then.

  1. That initial laptop failed (would not power on - screen dead - no hdmi output) in September 2022. Amazon replaced it with a new unit in September 2022 under extended Amazon warranty.
  2. Completely new unit received. Same issue occurred - it died on 21st February 2023.
  3. Support ticket opened on 21st February 2023 (as Amazon would no longer replace).
  4. RMA issued 23rd February 2023.
  5. Laptop repaired (motherboard replacement) and returned to me on 6th March 2023.
  6. That laptop has failed again (same issue) today, 5th June 2023.
  7. New case has been opened with Razer requesting replacement unit or refund.

I’m a very concerned about this now and searching these forums it seems this is happening to others too:

Razer Blade 14 (2022) Doesn't Boot | Razer Insider


Hoping Razer speak up here as this seems to be a systemic issue with this laptop - is there a known fault? How can I be assured the underlying issue is fixed?






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Same issue more or less.


14 - 3080 broke reported replaced almost 5 months later with a 3080 ti.

That went fault in 2 weeks.

Amazing laptops, insane performance and battery life. The battery life is just insane compared to competitors.

The laptop is just not realible, I barely play 20 hours of games a year as I work so much.


Where as my msi gt75 8rg is still working solidly 4.5 years later. I use that 12 hours a day for work no issues.


I think these laptops are faulty or they lie and replace the laptop with repaired ones rather than new. Maybe they are solder repaired. 


I had the hdmi issue with the first laptop, nvidia gpu died and hdmi would not work.


2nd laptop would not stop restarting randomly lost so much work and time trying to fault find.



What did you do in the end ? I have asked them to give me a different laptop sadly.


Not sure if my “solution“ will work for you. Luckily for me Amazon accepted my issues as systemic and provided a brand new (not refurbished) replacement laptop - same model. 

I then sold it. I’m out and don’t trust Razer to make a reliable laptop anymore.

I confirmed with Amazon and the owner gets full new warranty. 

I’ll never buy a Razer laptop ever again. 

I think this is often the case, there are so many new replacement laptops for sale here in the UK on ebay. I can tell as people A state it is a replacement laptop and B you can’t buy USA keyboard layouts in the UK however all replacement laptops sent to the UK for the 14 inch laptops are in USA keyboard format from what I have read on reddit and from my own experience.


There are many for sell. This is extremely sad to hear as I purchased 4 chargers (work/ car/home office/laptop bag), bought their mouse (went faulty), keyboard (is okay), chair (seems okay but for £500 it leans to one side slightly), their laptop sleeve and their £150 bag which the zip broke in 6 months.


It’s beyond a joke. They are marketed as the high end, but sell low quality products. I will admit their products are amazing when they work.


Just poor quality as they don’t last long.


I paid for 3 years warranty, 2 is with razer and the final 3rd year razer weirdly outsources.


I’m gutted to hear what you have told me. The local computer shop offered me £800 for it (I enquired how much they would buy a working one for) and the ones on ebay do not seem to sell even when discounted.