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Razer devices constantly disconnecting and reconnecting

  • 29 December 2022
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Well if it went away that great. I check windows logs for hints.  Normally I check lift off settings and do custom mouse pad setup.   The only other problem I had was voltage for usb was setup wrong in bios. 


Hopefully it keeps working but if not definitely contact support they should be able to collect log and information to help track problems.

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Thanks for the updating happy to hear it's working be nice to know why. Hopefully beta testing new version helps in future.



I have A Razer deathadder V2 mice and since over a month I have a problem where the mouse just stops in the middle of the game and freezes for few seconds, sometimes I can hear the USB disconnect sound, sometimes dont, sometimes I have to replug the Cable to make it work again, im using Razer Deathadder since 2008 and this is like my 10th mice or so, didnt find a solution yet.

Please eeelp

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Have you try the normal stuff setup custom mouse surface or select mouse pad.  Adjust lift off distance.  Should also be done after doing firmware updates.   Try running windows sfc or dism.  Also if razer email support does not help try contacting windows support.     Normally I check firmware version first.  Then adjust lift off distance.  

Just had to deal with a similar problem for a a couple of days.

Deleted synapse v3 and it works fine, but without the additional features.

So disappointed that a once great company has fallen so low,
Never going to but a Razer product again.

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Did you try top right corner in software to rest hardware or software.   Did tech support check logs and installed software. Drivers, firmware and bios. To help trouble shoot.    Did you ask windows support for help?