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Razer devices constantly disconnecting and reconnecting

  • 29 December 2022
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i did find a workaround for this, though it goes through the battery shockingly


connecting my blackwidow v3 pro and naga pro via bluetooth (not via the usb cable or usb receiver/s) allows the synapse software to work without the lagging/unresponsiveness


i *believe* this is due to the way bluetooth connects to the computer (eg: blackwidow cannot use all synapse features such as advanced effects/studio), i *believe* it bypasses the synapse software somehow (also, the issue *may* lie solely with the keyboard as the naga mouse connects to synapse properly and is allowed to use advanced effects/studio, but still doesnt become unresponsive)


the only issue doing this (bluetooth), is the power/sleep/wake spikes, but no unresponsiveness once its woken up again

i did find a workaround for this, though it goes through the battery shockingly


connecting my blackwidow v3 pro and naga pro via bluetooth (not via the usb cable or usb receiver/s) allows the synapse software to work without the lagging/unresponsiveness


i *believe* this is due to the way bluetooth connects to the computer (eg: blackwidow cannot use all synapse features such as advanced effects/studio), i *believe* it bypasses the synapse software somehow (also, the issue *may* lie solely with the keyboard as the naga mouse connects to synapse properly and is allowed to use advanced effects/studio, but still doesnt become unresponsive)


the only issue doing this (bluetooth), is the power/sleep/wake spikes, but no unresponsiveness once its woken up again

interestingly, after i think i spotted the issue with the keyboard not the mouse as i mentioned above, i remembered something


i was using the blackwidow v3 pro and naga pro for about a year before this disconnecting issue showed up, i figured it was due to some synapse update. however about the same time this happened the usb over on the blackwidow keyboard broke. so rather than risk losing my usb receiver, i swapped the sync usb to the keyboard and put the naga’s away inside it.


later, after getting the disconnect issue, i split them again and have been using them that way for ages. and everytime it disconnected, when the keyboard disconnected, the mouse would too. the mouse lagging, would cause the keyboard to disconnect


now the comment above - when i realised the keyboard may be the issue, i installed razer to my shiny new win 11 pc (previously never had it on that system), then resynced the blackwidow to the naga’s usb


so far… NO ISSUES?!?


TL/DR: has anyone else tried to sync the keyboard to the mouse to circumvent the keyboard’s synapse connection?

Having the same issue. 

My DeathadderV3 (wired) mouse keeps disconnected every 3-4 seconds when I move it while the Synapse 3.0 is on.

It keeps connection when I don’t move it but as soon as I move it, it disconnects again.

Turning Synapse 3.0 off solves it, however it’s very frustrating since I use many other Razer devices need preference setup.

I’ve tried completely uninstalling driver, Synapse and reinstalled it however it replicates the situation.

I’ll see what Razer Support replies to my ticket.


Actually it didn’t fix and started doing again after few hours later.

I tested this to other PCs and devices that don’t have Synapse at all and did the same thing.

I guess it was hardware issue, not software. Claimed RMA and it’s on the way.

My razer devices disconnect and reconnect out of nowhere. When it starts this cycle of disconnects and reconnects, it usually happens for several minutes straight.

This is not a USB or motherboard problem. It happens to my razer keyboard and mouse at the same time. My Chroma lighting on my keyboard will revert to default color design when it disconnects, and then back to my preferred chroma settings when it reconnects. It disconnects and reconnects every couple of seconds until I reboot. Even if I plug my keyboard and mouse into different pots, the problem persists. I've tried plugging my mouse and keyboard into USB ports that I know don't have a problem, because I have other devices plugged into them that stay connected all the time. However, the problem persists no matter which USB ports I use.

My mouse experiences the exact same problem at the same time, which makes it nearly impossible to use, because when it disconnects, I obviously have no input. It reconnects for a second or 2, but then immediately disconnects again.

I have tried to hard-close the synapse software while it's doing this, but it gets stuck. Even if I close the software when its doing this, it continues doing it until I reboot.

I have my synapse drivers up to date. I downloaded and installed the new Viper Ultimate firmware. Everything is up to date.

Currently using Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 keyboard, and Viper Ultimate Wireless mouse.

(IMPORTANT) The only way I can avoid this problem is to uninstall synapse completely, rendering most of the features obsolete. I want Razer to be aware of this, because these products are expensive, and most of the features of the products are built into a software bundle that does not work for me. There are other threads on this forum about this exact same problem, that were left open with no resolution from 2021. Razer must be aware of this, if they aren't, I will continue posting about it until they are.


February 5th, 2024.

I’m suffering from the same issue, and on a weekly basis I have to repair my synapse for this useless software to remember my prefered settings.. My personal opinion is to stay aware from razer products.

im using kraken headset v3, chroma widow wireless keyboard and viper wireless mouse.


i love the gear, but the software and support is worse than blizzard activision

Just to add to your concern ladies and gentleman  I would like to say that I as well started to get problems with these constant disconnects.

I have a Razer Basilisk Ultimate (Wireless mouse that has a dongle in that Razer mouse dock Chroma) then I have Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro keyboard( wireless dongle is inside motherboards USB port). And a Razer Nari Ultimate Headset (wireless dongle is inside Razer Base Station V2 Chroma).  I have simultaneously bought these products around 2 years ago.

For 1 full year there were NO problems at all.

Then for the headset “Razer Nari Ultimate” WiFi dongle just “died” , and it was advised in many places on the internet that this indeed happens with these WiFi dongles with this headset , so as suggested on the webs I bought a WiFi dongle Exactly for this device on Aliexpress (around 20$) from the guy who has 5000+ sales of this said dongle and 100% positive reviews , since this guy IMPROVED the dongle thats done by Razer so its NEVER going to burn out/ die.

So for another 1 year till this moment all 3 Razer devices worked well wireless.

But now again, Keyboard “Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro” started to randomly disconnect itself ONLY in games. For example running forward pressing “W” longer than 10 seconds Character suddenly stops I can see keyboard flashing for 1 millisecond and I have to press “WAGAIN so the character can go on ( for the same 10 second or so ) then in freezes again and you repeat. I quickly tested this in Starfield  then Star Citizen and World of Warcraft =  same result. OK Razer - I updated all my APPS / Firmware for all 3 devices /EVERYTHING else is up to date. And it still does that.

So I go see this on forums and HERE we ALL are again. Someone suggests that TURNING OFFRazer Synapse” right before trying to play will work. I tried that - IT WORKS. No any disconnects, no any reconnects. Everything works fine. You can leave all other Razer APPs online if you want just TURN OFF “Razer Synapse”  and your good.

Is this really a quality of your APPs Razer? I will never EVER get another Razer device OR suggest them to my gamer friends who already laugh at me that I got them in a first place.

same issues as all of you here sadly, I have a Naga Hyperspeed x and an Orochi v2 and they are CONSTANTLY disconnecting and reconnecting, no mattr what advice I follow. Fully reinstalled windows and the issue continues to persist. 

Absolutely dogwater 2.4Ghz software from Razer, cos they both work fine over Bluetooth. Just upsetting tbh. 
Guess I need to find a new pair of mice cos I cannot keep playing like this. 

So this is obviously a common issue and has been for a while now it seems. So my question to Razer is why have you not done anything to support your customers who use your product? And I’m sure you’ll come back with try uninstalling and reinstalling, but that doesn’t seem to fix it either. So why don’t you guys identify the problem……. And fix it? 

Hi all, I have had this same problem randomly for a couple of years & it returned a few days ago & I’ve managed to get to the bottom of it & it’s pretty out there tbh…. 

Firstly I’m UK so 240v if that matters. 
I have my system on an extension lead on a double wall socket, on the other side I randomly have some electronics to some snake enclosures connected via thermostatic controls, so when the enclosures reach the temperature they shut off power & then come back on when needed. 
I have some that pulse the power lower meaning less power thus less heat generated, last week I got a new snake & out come the trusty Microclimate mini-stat 100, this is a simple on off device so it turns on when it needs heat & off again when up to temperature. 
The analogue device when used on the same wall socket bank as my pc somehow kicks out synapse, I don’t know if it’s due a tiny surge of power being used or stopped, The unit it’s controlling is a tiny 15 watt heat cable. 
This somehow kicks out Synapse for a split second  & effects no other programs, synapse then fails to detect my Kraken TE headset connected via usb until I unplug it & plug it back in & then click to set it to default in synapse again. 
This may have to be done in game too as every sound device including webcams & Sony controller can then be detected as potential microphones, despite Synapse being the default sound device on my pc. 
My workaround will be just to move the thermostat or put a surge protector on it, it’s a pretty wacky reason to lose connection though. 

I’m only really posting incase it helps others out of thier frustration, you may have a phone charger, rgb lighting or any other electrical device tripping out Synapse

Why wont Razer do anything about this? This is a known issue and has been for a while looking at this thread?


I’ve just brought a razer Huntsman elite V2 Tenkeyless and it just keep disconnecting and making these stupid noises while it disconnects/reconnects.

Hey BasedShadyBright_Light, and Deanduffus! Does the issue happen while plugging the devices into another computer? Please try removing all Razer-related files from your PC through the Razer Driver Clean-up tool: https://rzr.to/Tf53xj. Once done, please restart your computer and install the Razer Synapse 3.0 and its supplemental updates. Let me know how it went.

I am having the same issue on my Razer Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless. There are no driver updates on Razer website. I have used on another PC and the only thing different was mother board etc. both are running Windows 11.

same issue as everyone above. this needs to get fixed before this happened i swore by razer and now even my old keyboard is having the same issues as my new keyboard I've tried everything in this thread nothing has worked and I'm absolutely let down razer hasn't fixed it with how long its been.

I used to defend Razer in the past, but seeing the lack of respect  to the users that clearly have an issue with their hardware is outrageous. Bye Razer, I will never buy a product related to your brand again, and I hope that others follow me.

I think I know what the problem is… It’s razer’s mice… I got a new Logitech mice and still use my Razer keyboard and it hasn’t freezed up again yet! *fingers crossed* lol

I updated to Windows 11 (23H2) and decided to try out the new Synapse Beta ( My Huntsman Elite Keyboard disconnects and reconnects.


Everything works fine when Synapse isn’t running. When I load synapse and don’t have linked games (e.g. I use one default profile), it also appears to be fine.


Once I add a linked game to my Huntsman Elite using an alternate profile (e.g. keyboard mapping); this is where the issue begins. If I switch between windows (e.g. from game window to desktop and back) so that synapse actives the profile for that linked application and goes back to the default profile on the desktop, it disconnects and reconnects my Huntsman Elite Keyboard.

I can reproduce this by swapping rapidly between windows (which swaps rapidly between profiles, e.g. 6-12 times in a couple seconds is enough to trigger this.)


I also have a Deathadder V2 Mouse that swaps profiles depending on what game/window is taking focus. The mouse and profile switching appears to be working fine though, even with rapid switching.

I only have the Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse as hardware connected to my computer . And yesterday when i was playing Battlefield 2042 i suddenly got this problem too. Loved the mouse up until now. Its now connected threw the usb cable, and that was not my intention when spending the money on this mouse. Have tried ununstalling synapse 3, and also used the driver removal tool, to no success :( It just keeps connecting and disconnecting repeatedly. Realy not tempted to buy another wireless mouse from Razer

Hi everyone, very similar issue here: mouse keeps connecting and disconnecting repeteadly but only if the all 3 circumstances are intact:

  • Blade 16 (e.g. Lenovo laptop works)
  • mouse receiver is connected to Thunderbolt 4 Dock
  • Spectrum cycle is turned on Synapse 3

I contacted support. In the beginning they asked meaningful questions on how to reproduce. After they sent the case to their “internal” team, they started to propose dummy solutions like I should do factory reset and wipe all my data to see if it helps or not?!


Any help is highly apretiated.


I have a Huntsman Mini and a Ornata Chroma and have been using them together for atleast a year. Then one day the Mini starts disconnecting and reconnect endlessly enery 5 seconds. 

For the few seconds it was connected I managed to change the Mini’s profile (from taskbar) and then it worked as usual. If I change back to the troubled profile it starts disconnecting again. So something in the profile is causing it in my case. I have no idea what. Maybe the profile file became corrupted somehow. I do use macros and make other changes to the keys. 

Hope this helps someone. Have a good day. 

same issue here 

My razer barracuda is turning off by itself for a few seconds and then plugs back in, it's sad this because I bought the handset not 2 months ago.

My issue goes away if I chose static (e.g. green) lightning instead of spectrum cycle. Of course it also goes away completely if I uninstall Synapse 3 - but I want to keep that...

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Normally I check lift off distance and adjust it to help stop that from happening.    I have also use sfc and dism commands to fix this problem with a reboot.    Once I had to reset the usb voltage in bios.  I be very careful doing this.  It's probably not the fix.   Can people post synapses version.  Does it happen in new beta version as well.


For me, it happens also with Synapse 3 and Synapse beta.

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What mouse and firmware version.   You try updating mouse.  Also what surface are you using it on. What computer has computer bios been updated or adjusted.


Should probably been go private before answering but I'm not paid tech support.  So only answer if you want.  But check computer bios to see if older and try different surfaces or mouse mat if possible. 


Thank you

Jeff martin