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Razer Kiyo made a noise and stopped working mid-use

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I’d been using my Kiyo without issue for a long time. One time I was in a video call and it made a weird grinding noise and then went totally out of focus. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, and it reported available to my computer again, but once I selected it the ring light came on at a kind of pulse-y half brightness and then it  disappears from the cameras list. I tried letting it sit unplugged for a week and the problem still persists. Tried multiple computers, ports, etc.


Normally my Razer accessories last forever. Is there anything I can do to get this functioning again?

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This has just happened to me too in the middle of a work meeting. Really disappointed after spending £55 on a camera - thought I could trust a brand like Razer but I guess not ..

Literally just happened to me during a video interview. Not exactly an ideal situation.

Damn I should have found this thread earlier. Mine died within 12hours of purchase.

The same here. I already updated to the last Firmware version without success. Last Razer product for sure, it looks like planned obsolescence.

Mine died yesterday, tried it on multiple usb ports and devices, same thing everywhere :/ Still no solution anywhere. Definitely feels programmed as I think it’s 2021/22 series… Shame.

I have the exact same problem.

First it stopped working about 20 minutes into my video call. Then it was 15…. 10… Now it happens the moment I open an app that runs it. The light halo starts flickering and device stops running, it disappears from the device manager. but the light remains on.