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Razer Kiyo Stopped working after turn ring light on

  • 28 April 2023
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Happened to me a few days earlier too. Mine is only 11 months but it’s already broke.
I’ll try to claim warranty but if it doesn’t work, I’ll try GuppieGreenzoneaero241’s solution.


I couldn’t claim and get it replaced. They said they’re out of stock.
So, I took it back and try this and it works!

I am having the same issue so glad to hear I am not alone. On the plus side, I have been looking for an excuse to move all my hardware to Logitech. Thanks Razer 👌

bye RAZER hello logitech!

Agree with this whole thread. Very disappointed. Exact same issue 6 months after warranty expired. Went back and forth with them for over a week (including spending an hour on the phone with them), only for them to tell me it was out of warranty (which I already knew and stated as much when I first called) and offer me 10$ off my next purchase if I subscribed to their newsletter. Absurd. Have been a loyal customer for several years and have multiple Razer products.

So my Razor Kyro Camera which I have had for over a year and really like started doing the same thing...Flicking, buzzing, etc. Did updates nothing. So, I followed the instructions from GuppieGreenzoneaero241’ however I don't have a soldering gun, so I simply firmly pushed the F1 transistor on both sides and the middle. Pretty skeptical that it would not work, I put it back together and what, so you know, it lit up like a charm and is working normally. 

I do agree that a web camera should last more than a year and I was 2 steps in going to a Logitech, but I like the light ring on this camera and have overall been pleased.  So we see how long it last from here. Hope this helps someone. 

I went through the same issue. Bad experiences with Razer products so for.


I'm having the same problem and it is absolutely frustrating. Went into a client meeting only to find the camera stopped working but the ring around it remained on. Felt like an idiot. I tried uninstalling the driver and razer synapse but nothing helped. 


And this one is just over a year old...

Just updating this thread, bought the camera in 2021, after almost daily use when working at home, now almost daily it just stopped working. Flashing and my is switching to different camera’s. I’ve been only using Mac OS and it worked perfectly until today.


Luckily found this post and the description to bridge the F1, the camera lives again! 


For all of the people coming from google, don’t be afraid to open the camera and get out you solder iron, the camera is broken but can be fixed!