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Razer Kraken Kitty Edition Disconnects/Reconnects frequently

  • 26 July 2023
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Hi all! I’ve seen some other posts about this, but I have a Razer Kraken Kitty Edition headset that is constantly getting stuck in a disconnect/reconnect loop. It makes a pop noise before disconnecting then just keeps doing it over and over.

I’ve tried using it with multiple devices, in a hub and plugged directly into the computer, with and without Synapse, on different versions of Windows, all the troubleshooting. It had happened a couple times when I first got the headset, usually just when the audio was too loud, but in the last few months I pretty much can’t use the headset without having audio issues.

I’ve treated the headset very well; it’s fallen on my carpeted floor once or twice but I don’t mandhandle it, bend or mess with the cable, etc. I’ve always kept it on a headset stand on my desk. I got it in 2021 so it’s out of warranty. 

Has anyone had luck with a fix or talking to razer support about this? I figured at the price point for this headset it would last a long time if cared for well :(

4 Replies

I’m having the same issue with my Razer Kraken Kitty. I have these headphones for around 2 years, issue started appearing like a year ago. It helps to close Synapse from tray - to logout from it and stop I mean, but in this case I of course also loose Chroma effect, headphones are just green. But at least sound doesn’t break and doesn’t freeze my PC. And this peak on CPU utilization in Task Manager shows the moment when this lag happens.


I have the same issue as well. Turning off RGB seemed to fix it for a few weeks, but yesterday the disconnect loop started happening again.  I’ve exited Synapse as well but it still happens.  

It seems doubtful Razer will do anything to fix this to be honest, as I’ve found posts about this same issue going back a couple years.

It's happening to me too, specifically with the Kraken Kitty headset but it's combined with the Connect module of Razer Synapse. I was playing Baldur's Gate III with Chroma Connect module active. Problem is that is makes a popping sound, disconnects and reconnects after 3-4 seconds, something that doesn't happen if I play through my stereo speakers. I managed to get the issue on the Event Viewer yesterday (I’ll insert them as attachment if anyone wants to give an eye to it, I can't understand them: AppCrashConnect_KrakenKitty). Consider that this happened after I completely reinstalled Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, updated it to the latest drivers and after following the guide for a complete and clean installation of Razer Synapse. The headset works flawlessly without the program but, you know, considering I bought them for the LEDs customization too, it's a pity that it stops working when using Connect. Hope they can fix it, if you need more info, let me know, I'll try to give as much as I can.

Hi, I am having the same issue too. I made a post about it as well. Popping sound with headset , Razer Kraken Kitty Edition | Razer Insider

I have a Razer Base Station Chroma and thought maybe this was causing issues. I unplugged it for a bit and my headset acted fine. But then it started the disconnect again. Just recently the last few days I can't even update razer synapse lol. It's all a mess. I paid almost $300 for both of these devices. Some reason, nobody can figure out why it's happening. Luckly, I see I'm not the only one having these issues.