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Razer leviathan v2 turns on but will not work

  • 19 June 2023
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I do not know how - but it came back to normal after connecting to another computer with synapse installed. Then, after connecting to the original one, there were no problems. The USB cable is the same

i managed to get mine to be able to register with the pc again but it has no sound now, I've check and it responds to the chroma lights and volume buttons interacted but no sound still.

+1 to those who say that you need to disconnect it from the power, then try again.

fwiw, I disconnected for 1 hour before reconnecting. Windows now recognises the speaker again.

But yeah, for a premium product it’s really not very satisfactory. Razer, you need to learn from this.

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its defo not a real solution no, but yeah thats the only way i got around it, its a shame because im out of my warranty and they work great… when they work, but yeah unless i wanna part with the couple hundred i spent on them to buy something else, thats the best i have for now unfortunately🤣

It happened again. Leviathan doesn't like power surges very much. Also, coincidentally, a new version of synapse has just been released. I don't know who the reason is, but the computer stopped seeing the device when connected. This time the firmware update helped me (I used another laptop that has bluetooth for this) - https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4166/~/software-and-firmware-updates-for-razer-peripherals


(at the 12th point, the button did not respond - I disconnected the device from the network and turned it on again https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6274 )

This is the second time this has happened to me, and yes, power surges, power outages are the common scenario for me.

First time I had to borrow a friends soundbar (same model as mine, Leviathan V2), plug that to my PC, and somehow, something, whatever was broken, got fixed, his worked first time plugging into my PC, disconnected his and connected mine after all this and, to my surprise, it worked.

Six months after, same behavior. Sound bar turned on, but PC wouldn’t recognize it. However, this time, following the steps in the below link actually helped me fix the situation.

Razer Leviathan V2 Firmware Updater | RZ05-03920

For other devices, find yours here:

Software and Firmware Updates for Razer Peripherals

Hope this also works for everyone. 


Hello, I too am experiencing the same issue. Attempted to switch cables and no fix. Any updates? 


Hi, i have the same issue here. i tried eveything you said before, still doesn’t work.

Hi guys, I just had this same issue, tried different USB ports, no fix. Tried bluetooth connection which resulted in a solid red light. What did fix it was trying a different cable than the Razer one, as soon as I tried this my pc detected the device. Unplug the power if you get in the red light state, but try a new cable then connect to your pc. It seems to be an odd issue with the firmware update getting stuck and changing the cable corrects this. My device is now working again after I change cable and unplugged the power to exit the red light state. I then also tried the original Razer cable and this works too. I hope this helps you guys! P.S My issue was caused by a brown out power surge at my house for a minute, device didn’t lose power but my oven etc did, it seemed to be enough voltage disruption to prevent the firmware check from power cycling - or whatever the exact technical term may be. Good luck and hope this helps.

Edit, I unplugged the device and separated the adapter’s power bar from the plug for ~15 minutes. After putting it back together, the soundbar started working again. That would indicate the adapter’s power bar itself may be the component that’s sensitive to power surges.

I am having same issue. Having power surge few days ago and still unable to get the speaker back alive.

Going to try to change the cable and hopefully it will revive the speaker…


Speaker is back alive after changing the ori cable (which facing power surge previously) to another usb-a to usb-c cable. I am only can update the latest firmware with this method even red light on power source button. The ori cable seems like not working when I reconnect back, but just work OK if connected to another lighting device...

Hey, mine has the same issue, but changing cable doesn't help, I tried 3 PCs, I tried multiple cables, and no reaction from OS whatsoever 

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Hi guys, 


Thank you for raising your concerns here in the support board. If the problem persists across multiple PCs with using different cables, it’s highly likely hardware-related. Nevertheless, please PM me the serial number so I can verify its model and check my resources for best resolutions to address the issue. 

I had the exact same issue, but changing power adaptors didn't work or only temporarily worked. In the end I pulled the entire thing apart, looked at everything, put it all back together and it's now working perfectly fine...

Apparently I managed to solve it!

The source wasn't sending enough energy/voltage to the input, I took the cable and pressed it very hard on the input, it's strange, but after I did this the PC recognized the PC mode and bluetooh, it's hard to explain, but there's something to do with the power source and cable.

Same after a power outage it stopped working


Now another round of a power outage, another round of problem. And it can’t be fixed by switching the cables. Damn!

I also have this same issue, occurring just today. I have tried 3 different cables, and also turned the power off to everything, and reconnected one by one, but no joy.