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Razer leviathan v2 turns on but will not work

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My leviathan v2 speakers have been working great for a while now and all of the sudden, stopped working, they turn on and the source light is green, but my pc no longer detects the speakers whatsoever. i also cannot change them to bluetooth to connect my phone to them. i just cannot get anything out of them. i have tried updating the firmware but in order to do this, the device needs to be in bluetooth mode so i cannot update, i have tried reinstalling synapse and restarting my pc but still no luck. i left it a couple of days and suddenly the source light was solid red and pressing the buttons or holding them did nothing, i switched it off at the wall and then back on and im back to them being able to turn on and off but still cannot get them in bluetooth mode or cannot get my pc to recognise them.


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I had the same problem. Holding the mute button down for 10 seconds forces a factory reset and the unit will power down. After powering back up, the sound was once again working. 

Same after a power outage it stopped working


Same after a power outage it stopped working


Now another round of a power outage, another round of problem. And it can’t be fixed by switching the cables. Damn!

I have the same issue… speakers work but suddenly no sound. Source light blue for me though. Trying to update whatever I can now and see what happens later. 

Razer support team please answer us on why this is happening…..


A power outage bricked my Leviathan V2. It turns on, will even connect to a Bluetooth transmitter, but there’s no sound. Additionally, the device is not recognized when it’s USB-connected to a PC, so there’s no way to factory-reset it.


When the power outage occurred, the device was plugged into surge protector. It would appear that the soundbar’s electronics are just too fragile.

Edit, I unplugged the device and separated the adapter’s power bar from the plug for ~15 minutes. After putting it back together, the soundbar started working again. That would indicate the adapter’s power bar itself may be the component that’s sensitive to power surges.

Apparently I managed to solve it!

The source wasn't sending enough energy/voltage to the input, I took the cable and pressed it very hard on the input, it's strange, but after I did this the PC recognized the PC mode and bluetooh, it's hard to explain, but there's something to do with the power source and cable.

this has happened to me around 3x in the past 12 months, all because of a power interruption or fluctuation.  I even encountered the dreaded RED light earlier today.



Turning On the Leviathan V2 just freezes, bluetooth doesnt work, and speaker doesnt get detected. Sometimes upon turning on, it will show red light.



My solution is a variation of what ErikkVanilla and TroyFace has done.

While turned on, remove the USB cable, and insert another (high-quality) USB cable and choose a new USB port. As soon as I inserted the cable, my PC’s audio switched to it. Now, turn it off, gracefully, then plug back the official USB cable.


Good luck.

Lesson learned. Dont buy Razer anymore.