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Razer Nari Ultimate rapidly disconnecting

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Yeah I saw that Razer released some updates to Synapse and I was hoping one of them was a fix for this however the problem still persisted when I connected ted the Nari Ultimate again after the recent updates to Synapse like 2 or 3 weeks ago.


I’m back to using my older Kraken 7.1s from like 2017 that I bought new ear cushions for.


I’m with you guys however I don’t plan on buying anymore Razer products either for a couple of reasons.


The  last two items I attempted to order from Razer that at the time would complete my entire Razer collection as the last two items, on each separate order attempt Razer intentionally attempted to steal my money and not deliver the items I paid them for on both occasions so this has really rubbed me the wrong way with a company that I was so loyally devoted to and had purchased all of their products as a huge fan. This was a total slap in my face  two times in a row. So for that I’m done with Razer. Why Razer would decide  to lash out on one of there biggest fans only attempting to complete  there Razer collection I’ll never know? It was like they got mad that I bought all there stuff? Weirdest thing I’ll never understand it.


All this nonsense  happening with the Nari Ultimate is simply the icing on the cake as well as the final nail in Razer’s coffin.

OMG, i have the same issue, i have tried many solutions but nothing was good.

really disappointed with razer. !!!

i Hope someone from support could help us


Got the same problem , any solution ?

nothing yet, RAZER is jokey with customers, I bought a spare doongle from the china website, but I haven't received it yet

any update on this? Still happening to me

I just fixed this issue by turning off that “Power saving” option, instead of the headset reconnecting and disconnecting every 2 minutes, it stays connected for me start to finish. Hope this helps any of you

tried this, didnt work at all. Keep disconnecting. 

Sorted . Im return headphones still warranty if not older then 2years . Im going to steelseries now 😀

Same problem here. Wired connection also doesn`t work.

same exact problem, i have tried everything and nothing works…


same problem here 🤡

Wow, I have this issue too, I am not finding any solutions.

I like this headset, but if there is no solution I will need to replace and after seeing how many people have this issue I do not think it wise to buy razer again.

same problem


razer? pls?

Same thing for me. Started about a month ago. 

i was about to buy a new raze nari thinking it was broken and results that razer is pushing us to buy the new one….AHAAAA this is  not APPLE. im not buying a new one. fix your problem razer or someone will sue you guys for this stupid capitalizm consumist bullcrap

So is there no fix for this? Its been a while now

I am now having this issue. It pairs with PS5 with dongle but as soon as I turn headset on it disconnects and vanishes from list. 

Hey! I know this wont fix the dongle USB issue, and you will lose the wireless feature but you can still use the headset and microphone: you can use the 3.5mm cable and attach a cable splitter to it (dividing into two cables, mic and audio) and connect them to your computer, sure is cheaper than a new headset or a USB dongle, and you can use the headset you bought which is already expensive. Using the splitter it wont be recognized on synapse


Wont buy any Razer product again. Cheers!

I’m working on a fix now. I’ll report back within 48 hours =]



Same problem for me, after 1,5 year without any problems.

I tried all of the following procedures, none worked:

I see that this problem is not recent and that no fix has been made by Razer.
So I think I'm not going to wait for a fix and send back for warranty...

Hi, same probleme here. Was fine till 2 days ago. 

Something seems to have happened to the antenna, I don’t know if it is related to the hardware or software, but antenna stops working after like 2-5 mins. I see i’m not alone here, so must be some bug with software, or maybe antenna stops working after about a year and a half of use. In any case, it's a pity, I really liked these headphones :(

Same problem. I have had a Razer Nari Ultimate for about a year and a half and have gotten some great use out of it. The device itself is great, however, these software issues and the time sink that trouble shooting involves is taking me from a 5 star experience to never wanting to buy another Razer product again. Sorry but true.

Same problem here. I have had these headphones for just over 2 years so the warranty has just run out and support have no interest in solving the issue.

I would say if you have this issue and your headphones are still in warranty I would send them back. I won’t buy another Razer product, and will have to buy another headset from another brand instead. 

Same problem

I have the same problem in my Razer Nare Ultimate. It connect and disconnect quickly. I tried the tools that Razer publish but they dont work in Windows 10 (i actuallized all).

I try the headphones in other PC with Windows 11 and it worked correctly but not work in Windows 10.



Same problem for me, after 1,5 year without any problems.

I tried all of the following procedures, none worked:

I see that this problem is not recent and that no fix has been made by Razer.
So I think I'm not going to wait for a fix and send back for warranty...

I was having the same problem.  The solution that fixed my problem was executing Nari Dongle recovery tool and executing the Nari Ultimate pairing utility tool (that is the headset I have, there are other utility tools depending on the style you may have).