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Sleep Mode Shortcut (via Fn + Pause Break) Doesn't work anymore. Why? Razer Ornata V2

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I have Razer Ornata V2. I uninstalled the Razer Synapse app on my laptop once because it was running the fan loud. But then I reinstalled it back again. I have lost the ability to use the sleep mode shortcut (via fn+pause break). Do you think there's a way to bring that shortcut back, knowing that it works fine but only when my account is logged out of Synapse?

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I’ve noticed the same with a recent Synapse upgrade. Keen to find out if there’s a way to get it restored as well.

I’ve had the same issue in the past month and even contacting support a few times they could not solve this. sleep with the shortcut worked totally fine before and now it doesn’t seem to work at all when synapse is running.

has anyone found a solution for this issue yet? can razer support please look into this bug that started happening out of nowhere around 2mo ago?

I’ve had a long conversation with Razer regarding the same problem. No outcome took place! They said my PC could have an issue by installing programs when the last thing I installed was a year ago. I hope they realize there’s a bug in Synapse, and it happened out of no where, but they do not admit it.

so i just updated synapse yesterday after my post just to give it another try and the sleep functionality works again, so it looks like they fixed the bug finally. give it a try

I updated Synapse yesterday, but there's  no difference. It still doesn't work. I hope Razer support watches this thread because I had it, and I'm so pissed of because of this useful function that got lost!

I am having a similar issue. When I quit synapse it actually works, but as soon as I start the program it stops working.

Same, I turned off Synapse and was able to sleep my computer with the key combo, and turned it on and the sleep combo no longer works. Happened right after updating to 3.8.731.72514, and I see no further updates.

Same problem. Latest version of Synapse kills the FN sleep function.


And from what I hear, Razer is being a total d-bag about it and refusing to acknowledge the problem, and blaming the customers and saying its something WE did.


I swear, if Razer goes down the same road as EA did with that attitude, I will chuck my Razer products and never purchase or use them again.

I had the same problem several months ago, it's really annoying and obviously no help from razer.

I am still having this issue! I have updated both firmware and software and this hasnt been fixed at all for me. all my other hypershift keys work but this one and its now just really frustrating.

Same trouble here, on a clean Windows 11 install - the problem existed both before and after. Other combinations work, just not this one. Keyboard has been reset and unplugged and reset. Can’t just hit Ctrl-Z and walk away from computer have to sleep with mouse and it’s a pain.

open task manager and “end task” on all razer programs. I dont know which specific it is thats causing the issue, but  closing them all seems to work.

Having the same issue. Disappointed Razer hasn’t fixed this in 6+ months.







This should solve the issue. Not sure which program is causing the issue, but this solves the problem....until the next update, then you have to do it again.

I solved this on my machine at least. 

Install Macro module. 

Enable Hypershift.

Save and overwrite profile. 

It started working for me after that. Synapse did default back to standard mode after the first wake and stayed there but the key combo is working and that’s all I cared about.  Hope it works for you. 

For anyone still running into this issue, I just encountered it after re-installing windows and I solved it by simply resetting my keyboard profile: