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Upgrading RAM crashes pc - Razer Blade 15 late2019 (RZ09-0301)

I decided to upgrade my memory on my razer blade 15, i bough 2 identical 32gb ddr4 3200mhz cl22 from Team Group.
I followed the steps i found on the razer website and replaced the original ones with both 32gb sticks. At first i started my pc and all seemed well. I let windows update in order to adjust to these changes, i went into device management and searched for plug and play devices, etc. System information showed i now had 64gb of ram but i didnt notice any improvement in performance. I opened up a bunch of heavy programs and my computer froze (in 2 years of usage it never did that). I rebooted the pc and the same error occurred but a bit earlier. As i rebooted a couple of times the same continued to happen only each time sooner. Then i removed one of the new 32gb sticks and placed one of the original 8gb ones and the pc worked just fine (now system information showed 40gb, still no improvement in performance).
I did these kind of test alternating memories to see if there was a malfunctioning one, i even ran Memtest86 from a usb drive and both tests went fine.
I decided to go ahead and test drive the mixed memory configuration (8gb original + 32gb new) and it seemed to work fine, excepto now my audio drivers were all messed up. I decided to restore windows to a previous restoration point and my audio was fixed, but a few seconds into booting a blue screen of death appeared. I went on to alternate memory stick configurations and everytime i got the blue screen. Until i got tired of it and placed my original memories in place and as i booted i still got the blue screen. Note: Blue screen appeared as soon as i booted the pc, windows didnt get to load up).
Finally i had to restore windows again to a previous point and leave my 2 original memories. This fixed the bluescreen and the audio problem.
Razer specifies that you can upgrade ram up to 64gb, i dont understand why this crashed occur. Can anyone help? I though of messing around in the BIOS but razer's BIOS is quite restricted isnt it?

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