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Windows App Volume Control Not Working After Synapse Update

  • 21 March 2024
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I have a BlackShark V2 SE that has been great up until Synapse updated today.  After the update, the audio is noticeably quieter even with the same EQ settings.  Additionally, trying to change the volume of Windows apps using Windows’ own audio mixer or a third-party mixer like EarTrumpet doesn’t work.  I can move the slider up and down but the volume doesn’t change, except when it gets to zero, then it gets muted.  I have Discord set up to attenuate sound when I or someone else speaks, which also doesn’t work as it relies on setting app volumes to do that.

The only way I’ve been able to fix this is by disabling Audio Enhancements in Windows settings for the headset.  With it disabled, I can once again control app volume and Discord’s attenuation feature works.  However, I don’t get the benefits of any of the Synapse EQ settings or other features.

I have tried the following:

  • uninstalling Synapse
  • uninstalling the device from Device Manager
  • installing all Windows Updates
  • updating all audio drivers through Windows Updates
  • running the Device Detection Troubleshoot Tool to remove all Razer and THX drivers
  • resetting the headset through Synapse
  • restarting the computer multiple times
  • plugging the USB dongle into multiple other USB ports

My Synapse is currently on Version 20240320 (reported in-app) or 3.9.0229.022700 (reported in Windows’ Installed Apps page), and if it helps, Razer Central is on Version  My THX Spatial Audio USB is either Version 1532-0529 or according to Windows’ Installed Apps page.  I’m on Windows 11 Pro 23H2 (22631.3296).

I’d like to be able to use the Synapse features AND to be able to control app volumes in Windows like I could previously.  I’m hoping this is just a bug.

Anything else I can try?


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new update didn’t fix the volume mixer issue. It’s either 0% or 100% on apps in the volume mixer. This needs sorting ASAP! Makes some apps/games unusable 

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same bro new update didn’t fix the issue

For me personally, the problem was partially solved by switching to the beta version of synapse (USB device appeared in the latest version) and enabling "windows sonic for Headphones". At the moment will solve the problem with volume control in windows, stuttering sound becomes less, mainly observed when minimizing the game and during the demonstration of the screen for viewers. 
For the first time in my life I bought products from Razer and I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the products.

Tried switching to windows sonic for headphones. Volume control in windows was unaffected. 0 muted 1-100% did absolutely nothing. 


Seems as the update still has not resolved the issue with the volume mixer. 

Got the same issue… 

Same issue as well. Windows Sound Mixer is not working

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i tried clean installing the New synapse and its working but it has many bugs and its not included with Cortex and not even supporting synapse 3 profiles so you must reconfigure everything


I also have the same problem, in addition to the low audio (I had to raise all the parameters). With the latest update the Windows mixer no longer works. Whether it is 1% or 100% the volume is always the same. Solve thanks!

I spoke to tech support and they should have reported it to the department. Let's hope they fix it quickly!

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i have same problem but when i go live in discord my friend her sound of pipping in live how to fix that?

I’ve been searching through whole internet until i found this post i also have Blackshark V2 SE, I thought it’s only me because the volume mixer of windows after this update became silly it’s either 0% or 100% lol, beside that there’s noise problem sometime, which i noticed it’s caused by Razer sound card and if i install the headphone itself, it works fine , but i wont be able to use THX audio or eq settings, RAZER PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP!!!

I’m having exactly the same problem after the update. To be honest since that audio stuff up they did awhile back it’s never been as good. But WIndows Volume Mixer is not changing sound now since update.


Razer please fix and update!

Same issues for me with the Blackshark V2. I manually installed and updated the “usb sound card driver” and that fixed my physical mute button not working. But, it did not fix either the windows volume mixer issues or the functionality of the Xbox Game Bar mixer either. I tried to chat with support and they wanted me to purchase a replacement at MSRP, then ship in my current headset because it was “probably” defective. Only if they determined it to be defective once received would they refund my money. I bought the V2 on sale 2 years ago and the MSRP is 80 more than you can buy it not on sale at best buy right now. No thank you. How about you fix synapse, RAZER!

same issue

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after 1 month still nothing :| devs u ok there ?

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Same issues as everyone else, ridiculous that this wasn’t caught before the update went live, and even more so that it hasn’t been fixed by now.


if you make feedback (in synapse) they’ll respond to you in email, they want someone to bite the bullet and install logging software for it

The issue seems to be fixed on my end with the latest update 3.9.430.42305

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the new update didn't fix the issue

The issue seems to be fixed on my end with the latest update 3.9.430.42305

I am sorry I lied. It is still broken

Just installed the latest update.. Can confirm yeah still doesn’t work. 

im so glad that im not the only once experiencing this, i have been googling n trying to find the root cause of it, only to realise that it was razer’s update that caused it.

Also, i have another issue and its related with discord. when im streaming on discord, those spectating me would hear constant (170bpm) ticking sound. It started happening after the latest synapse update. Im still unsure if its due to synapse, i might uninstall synapse and all its files to see if the ticking is still there.

If anyone is facing the same issue please tell me!!

A fix for discord streaming is to disable experimental technology for audio capture of your games setting in audio & video settings catergory. 

Issue is still not fix after the latest update. Razer has become such a joke

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so the last update didnt fix it so im going to use Synapse 4 cuz i need music in games