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Eureka! Auto Left Click Without Hypershift!

  • 7 March 2021
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Okay. You can't toggle hypershift on or off, so I've been trying to create a macro to hold it down for me so I could use the turbo function on my left click. I figured out that doesn't work because the button it's trying to hold down is no longer that button, it's Hypershift now, and you can't bind to that. So after wondering for a bit, I've found the answer! I know some of you already know this, but this is for the noobs like me that had no idea:

Bind left click to you wheel click of something other than left click. Then chance left click from default to mouse function, select left click, and turn on the turbo to however many clicks per second you want. Rebind mouse wheel to default and bingo! You've got yourself a turbo left click without Hypershift at all. I highly suggest making a button combination to switch between a profile with auto click and one without, because it gets kind of annoying having to change it manually whenever you're not in game, or when you just don't want it. Currently I have [Hold mouse button 4+click mouse button 5] as my easy way to change between them.

I really hope this helps! Have a good day! And please... No hate.

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Can i call you a genius?