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I can no longer install Synapse 3 - error code 142

  • 23 December 2022
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I found n log file under C:\\ProgramData\\Razer\\Installer\\Logs but it weighs 1.71 MB and I can't paste the whole content here. I noticed this error in particular, I don't know if it can help anything:

2022-12-23 01:15:57,568 [7] ERROR RazerInstaller [(null)] - Service is not installed RzActionSvc: The RzActionSvc service could not be found on this computer '.'.

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Reading this thread /error-142-solved.59237/ I understood that the problem occurs with defender protection, so I've put the folder C:\\WINDOWS\\Installer\\Razer Central\\RCUninstall\\ in exclusions of Defender, and I was able to install it, however I don't like the idea of having a whole folder that is not checked by Defender, so after installing I removed it from exclusions.
I noticed that the uninstall.dat and uninstall.xml that the Synaspe installer puts in that folder are not signed, maybe that's why Defender prevents them from being installed?
If so I think Razer should make them signed, and not force the user to disable the protection, or put the folder in the exclusions as I did.
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Currently synapse 3 uses windows api such as (KERNEL32 HOOKS, ws2_32 NETWORK, fileapi, and more ) which most good security solutions keep an eye on the user's system. and if not signed trust is highly suspicious of illicit activities, I don't know how this improperly not properly signed trust.

Hello Razer PERSONELL!!! 

I have the same problem .. !!  please tell me how to fix code 142   or i must send the product back to the store