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Random peripheral disconnects when connected via USB hub.

  • 21 May 2019
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Hi Guys

I've got a Razer Ornata Chroma, Razer Mamba Tournament Edition and a Goliathus Chroma.

I have had this issue for awhile now and have tried every single solution on this forum including a reload of Windows, removing the driver files, reinstalling, etc. etc. etc..... to no avail.

I have tried both a Coolermaster laptop stand and a Deepcool, the Coolermaster modular stand allows for a 3.5v external PSU to be connected to the USB hub. With and without the external power the same issue occurs. Same thing with the Deepcool, however it became less frequent funnily enough, with just a back to back USB 2.0 cable. While the USB 3.0 cable as I understand it allows for more power to be drawn, still don't think its a power issue.

Are there any working solutions on the horizon @Razer??? Pretty ridiculous to get fully kitted out and then to have this issue.

I am even willing to buy a USB hub that will work at this point, any suggestions around that guys?

Will connecting it directly to the laptop help? I know its quite crude but anything is better than this.

Is it possible to downgrade your version of Synapse, it seems that an update creeped along towards the beginning of the year because for a few months there were no issues. May even be a Windows update, however I doubt that considering Synapse 3.0 has done far more updates than Windows.

I know its a ton of questions in one post but any help will be appreciated.


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Same here!

Since I have the Razer Base Station Chroma which causes some weird boot loop issue on many mainbaords (different topic, got posted a lot, but was still not fixed until today) - i have to fiddle around with my USB ports a lot.

Thus I got an externally powered USB3 hub some months ago. I experienced exactly the same thing. Randomly and unreproducible in between all thr devices disconnet/reconnect/chroma lighting flashes- this happens to BOTH! the devices connected to my USB hub and those directly connected to my PC.

Which rules simply "usb hub being faulty" out... This is definitely connected (literally) to one of the Razer devices...
I have contacted support and sent them logs from Synapse etc.

Hopefully this gets the issue sorted.

Will post back when i have a solution
I have another example of a similar issue. When my Razer Ornata Chroma (Keyboard) is connected through the HUB, it will disconnect and reconnect every few seconds. makes it impossible to use. I am attempting to determine if it is a power supply issue but based on my research so far, the internal USB 3 hub on my laptop should be providing enough power for all connected devices. This issue does not occur with any other devices. Any advice or suggestions I will gladly take!
Same issue here.