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Raptor is not staying connected to Synapse 3

  • 24 April 2020
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Today I added the Huntsman Elite and Mamba Elite to my system, and now the Raptor doesn't stay connected to Synapse 3.

Upon reboot, the monitor shows up in Synapse and then will disappear a few minutes later and my lighting preferences go away with it and I just get the rainbow pattern.

The keyboard (Huntsman Elite), mouse (Mamba Elite), and mat (Firefly Hard) all stay connected.

I have done a full uninstall and reinstall of Synapse and that doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. I have also used multiple USB-C ports.

Any ideas?

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1 Reply

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Hey there! Do you still need help with this? If so, do you mind sharing your current setup? Are your peripherals plugged into the monitor, and is the monitor plugged directly into your PC? More importantly, is the monitor working properly, lighting effects aside?