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  • 11 January 2019
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I'm using Razer Hex V2 mouse, and installed razer synapse. For gaming i need to have some macros.

And one of the macros i need, is to click on exact coordinates of the screen, and i've tried the software of new synapse, but it simply not works.

Does someone have the guide how to correctly adjust it?

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Is it single monitor setup, or multi monitor (dual, triple etc.)?
For me - these macros are working, but... if I register mouse movement macro on 1st (main) display, then I run the macro - it's running on the 2nd screen only.

Make sure, that you have it bounded to current profile, that you use. I found some bug in Synapse, that duplucated my main profile twice, and when I made a change in the main profile - nothing happened.