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Razer synapse error: TEXT_ERROR_EMILY_503

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Hello guys,


Since like an hour ago, I cannot connect to the razer synapse central.


I reset my password, which, in the first place, wasn't even needed. But it keeps saying : TEXT_ERROR_EMILY_503


Does anybody else have the same issues, or is it just me?

Also, I can log in on the website but not the app. HELP !

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same problem

Same here.

I have the same problem, I miss my war thunder :(

same here for 7.1 surround sound 

same here in thx spatial audio, seems like their server has problem

there is some issue check status here: https://status.razer.com/

mismo problema

a mi me pasa lo mismo con la synapse y con la cortex


same for me.

looking at the logs of Central (C:\ProgramData\Razer\Razer Central\Logs\)
there is nothing really explict for the error.. 
so it might be something on the endpoint server …
hopefully it will be resolved in no time… 


same thing right after doing the “update” to the program. i ran the “fix program” first then reinstalled fresh but still can’t log in to it. still can log into razor.com no problem.

here to FIX iT pls


it seems i can now log into my synapse now but it won’t sync my profile now. smh

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Seems like synapse works just fine now, although I have another technical issue for which I created another post.

7.1 SURROUND SOUND is greyed out, I'm logged in, but I cannot choose and output, nor I can turn it on or off.


This is not really pleasant.