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Synapse 3.0 Install "Server Access Unavailable" SOLUTION

  • 16 September 2019
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When installing Synapse 3.0 on Windows 10, it can progress to the last step before failing with a server access error. The issue seems to be with the Synapse installer rather than any actual server access. A work around is to install each module manually so that the Razer installer wizard is not used.

Step 1:

Open the installer log , It will be something like: C:\\ProgramData\\Razer\\Installer\\Logs\\RazerInstaller-ceed1f92-ff24-3445-be80-09ced0d23442.log

Step 2:

Go through the installer log and copy the web address of all the modules listed, there will be a bunch and you will have to fish for them.

EG: <- get the one for your device from your log file

I don't beleive it matters what order you install them in so just download each one and install them.

Step 3:

Finally download and install the last one, the Razer synapse setup (different to the one giving us the error)

You should now be able to launch Synapse 3.0

I found this solution after pulling my hair out for a while and notified Razer support, also asking them to share it on the forums since I don't post here let along lurk but they where not interested in the slightest which is very frustrating. Razer if you're reading, Do better.

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