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Synapse 3 for Mac

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Hi all.
This post is to bring the attention of Razer's dev team and Razer's business strategic team to the need to update synapse at Version 3. I'm trying the new Mamba Elite and it's... absolute fantastic, better my old Mamba. I've tried it on my PC and on my Mac and Synapse 3 is necessary on both.
So, please, don't forget Mac community and make an update for Synapse: it's OK also a "light" version of drivers, without Chroma Lab, only for edit bottons on mouse and keyboard, macro and Chroma effects.
This will be nice to have a good present for xmas 🙂

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I just received my Razer Naga Left-handed mouse and assumed, wrongly, that it would at least work with Synapse 2 on Mac, I can't even get that to go right. I had one before which worked ok with Synapse 2 years ago, then it broke and they went out of production for a while. They're being produced again now so I thought Synapse 2 would work, but it won't even recognise it, so I can't even remap a single button. I'm literally gonna have to pack it away in the hopes that they might actually provide some support in the future. Ridiculous to be honest because Razer are the only ones who actually produce a left-handed mouse which is much appreciated, but it's useless now for Mac users. Really needs to be addressed.
I've got a Naga Chroma and would love to see Razer return to the Mac for Mac OS Monterey. I realize that Mac OS has been a moving target with the switch to Apple M1 chips, but it would be nice to see this product modernized so that I can finally pick up a Tartarus with full driver support.
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I have moved to Razer gear not only for gaming but for productivity - I work much faster and better, especially with the macro capabilities. I also feel great everytime I use the gear!
Unfortunately, I am not able to work on the macOS-based devices. Many people I know moved to Razer and other gaming gear for productivity, because the top of the line "office" products just suck in terms of quality and capability.

I hope Synapse 3 for macOS is released soon.
Im just realy disapointed honestly i wont ever buy anything from razer again
Wow.... a modern technology company ignoring the needs of so many users. This is 2021 Razer and Macs are no longer a niche. Im going to sending back over £400 worth of Razer products because of lack of support. Will also be replacing my Kiyo Pro with A Logitech Brio as well.... at least Logitech support Macs. Whats odd is i've read that Synapse is cloud based so why all these issues.... you cant even get it working using Crossover. Honestly this is a joke and I will do my best to make people aware that this is the case. If v2 is Mac compatible why isn't v3 even years after its release. Gutted as I was genuinely looking forward to using these products. Guess they don't care.

I do also own a gaming PC which they do work on but if it only supports a selection of my hardware then it doesn't belong in my collection. Simple!!!! Cant believe they are choose to lose so much $$$, their business manager must have been an a true business major!!!!!