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Synapse 3 Mac OS X Support

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It would be great if we could get some traction on adding support Mac OS X for Synapse 3. I just purchased my Blackwidow Elite and would like to use it for work too which is Mac. I am disappointed there isn't cross platform support, will there ever be cross platform support or should return my keyboard for another?

Are newer devices also compatible with Synapse 2?

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There are a mountain of threads for which Razer has completely ignored about paying customers mad about them not upgrading their MAC OS interface software, like to Big Sur. So, no. They do not care, your are not a PC, and you, like me, are completely Fed for spending the 200$ or more we paid for these products when they just need update this software. So, unless I'm new here, Razer says thanks for buying our products, but sorry we don't support you anymore. You can tell I'm mad. They deserve it. And before you weeb PC lovers "lol" and say, Mac is crap.. I don't care. Have fun with you PC blowing up and sucking, as they do. Razer, it's time to give us the value we deserve. I will continue to buy your items, if you update your software, otherwise, I'm forced, by you, to be done.
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New devices are not compatible with Synapse 2 anymore.
The only app, that is working on OS X with Razer is open-source RGB effects manager:
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I just bought a Kiya Pro webcam only to discover I have absolutely no software features or control thanks to this ongoing Synapse 3 idiocy on the part of Razer. The fact they have not released Synapse 3 for Mac [or simply developed standalone applications per product] in almost 3 years speaks to their a) incompetence or b) willful neglect of Mac users, though I suspect c) both.

The reply in post #4 (including the attached email from Razer) is insulting doublespeak. Failure to release Mac software is not making "a product that is dedicated to both Windows and MacOS users" because, and I can't believe I have to explain this, all software features for current products have been unavailable to Mac users for nearly 3 years and they still have no plan to address it! And even if they did, if the forum posts about the PC rollout of Synapse 3 in 2018 are any indication, I would not download the first release of the Mac version as they basically force customers to be their beta testers.

It is clear that Razer decided Mac users do not represent a big enough segment of their market to warrant tying up existing resources or hiring/outsourcing additional developers to complete and support the Mac OS application. That would be a reasonable business decision if stated as such. However, Razer has not owned up to this decision, but instead keeps selling products to Mac users with the [false] promise that the software could arrive any time now "so do stand by," which is corporate speak for, "How do you keep an idiot in suspense?"

Bottom line: Mac users need to avoid Razer products. This is going to get posted all over social media and every major retailer where I can submit a product review.
It sure seems like this will never happen. I've been checking this thread for months hoping that it would finally have some sort of update or official announcement. All we have are vague customer service emails that say absolutely nothing about when we might expect to be made whole here. The product documentation linked from Amazon for the Naga Trinity clearly says it's Mac compatible, which is not true beyond very basic usage.

I would be absolutely willing to beta test Synapse 3 OSX, but with no response from Razer, I can only assume it will never happen. As the above comment says, I'd recommend that you

do not buy Razer products for OSX until this is resolved

I would recommend more people take the time and post here to let Razer know how much of a problem this is. A few messages a month aren't cutting it. If this is a serious problem for you, speak up. We spend a lot of money on these premium computer peripherals, and if something is Windows-only, then that should be clearly spelled out in the product information.

Even a stability update for Synapse 2 would be great. It seems like it just needs to be updated to ask for the proper permissions in later versions of OSX. It actually kind of works, but would inexplicably break after a while and then ask for permissions.
Hello Razer Team... Hello... Hello? Wake up! Time to program Synapse 3 for Mac! We all bought the products, we just cant use them! Hello!
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It's nice to see a reference from support but 'will might' are 2 very different words in the same sentence
I am slowly starting my move from Razer to Corsair for MacOS support - would prefer to stay Razer as spent '000s and was about to pull the trigger on chair and a few other side pieces to keep the collection uptodate.
Release a roadmap / beta etc to show some progress!
I'm almost certain Razer support doesn't even check the forums (they haven't responded here after almost a year)
It's probably a better idea for everyone who wants Synapse 3 on Mac sign this petition on Change to get them to do something
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Up To Date, current RAZER peripheral primary focus is towards "gaming".

Apple needs to level up the playing field.

No further explanation required

Concur, Apple needs to level up the gaming capabilities. Regardless, I guess my M2 Pro Mini, which can play any games I want on max graphics and maintain over 100fps, doesn’t qualify me as a “gamer.” Too bad for me that I want to be able to do my work on my Mac, which is more user friendly and runs more smoothly than any PCs I’ve used, and then use Razer’s awesome peripherals to play some games when all the work is finished. I guess just because I’m not a PC loyalist and don’t care to play YOUR preferred AAA games I shouldn’t be allowed to access all of the features built into my Basilisk V3 Pro, eh?

I agree that Apple needs to make a bigger effort to participate in the gaming community, but what’s more relevant to this thread is that RAZER needs to understand that their primary focus should not be towards “gaming,” it should be toward CUSTOMERS who like to game. Period. “No further explanation required.”

For real.  The fact that Apple is more than ¼ of the market and growing and Razer is just fully ignoring those users is insane to me.  All they’re doing is making sure apple users spend their money somewhere else.  It's just so dumb.  

Dear Razer Team,
Please don't leave a sizable portion of your user base out in the cold - with no Razer support for Big Sur Mac OS. At least make v1.88 compatible with OS 11 even if it is just keyboard and mouse operations. Some kind of driver that would keep us flailing about with your products. Shameful.

The macOS Sonoma focusing for gaming


Hope Razer can develop new Synapse for mac

Someone found this. The thread was locked so I am reposting it here. Confirmed it is working. A little clunky but I am sure you guys can figure it out. No button assignment, but colors, battery level and detection worked for my Naga Pro on Mac 10.14.6 Mojave
Razer, cmon! Let's do it! Give us support Mac users.
New devices are not compatible with Synapse 2 anymore.
The only app, that is working on OS X with Razer is open-source RGB effects manager:

thanks for the hint ... great!
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Hey Guys,
I am switching to the ZSA Moonlander. They have support for MacOS, Windows and Linux. You can use the left side of the keyboard as a gamepad and its fully customisable with macros and all the good stuff 🙂
All I wanted was to use Tartarus Pro with Maya and Blender 3D softwares as it speeds up my workflow a lot. I am done with Razer.
If you don't planned to start working with Synapse 3 :frown_:, add ours devices to Synapse 2.0!

Disappointing, looks like my Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed on Macbook M1 is as useful as mouse for 10EUR, Synapse 2.0 is not supporting this mouse model on mac. I wish I knew it earlier, I would have bough Logitech.

I found this thread due to my synapse 3/2 on MAC(1.87) not seeing my Naga Pro mouse. When I bought it, I did not see anything that said fully functional in windows only and a normal mouse in OSX. I bought it for the extra buttons to use with my DAW in OSX. Hopefully this is being worked on. I saw something about a workaround by turning off apple's new security feature temporarily in order to use synapse on MAC, I will try that for now.
Hi every1!

You should try karabiner to control your razor HW. It supports everything and is also lightweight. The interface suits macOS almost like an native macOS app.

Check this out:
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Damn, ok, I guess Razer will be accepting my returns shortly. Meanwhile, a few dudes on GitHub are showing us all that Razer is clearly ignoring a large % of their market. Razer has decided to F%#$ their shareholders. Aren't you tired of Logi eating what you purposely leave on the table?
This sucks. I bought a mamba wireless to use with my mac (work machine),
and synapse has never worked. It's been a year, and the third party drivers I've been using on this stupid thing are now failing, and still no synapse 3 for mac. WTF?
How is this still an issue.... It's been almost a year that this thread was created. A company with the calibre of Razer should have been able to fix this? Heck this shouldn't even be an issue in the first place...
It would be great if we could get some traction on adding support Mac OS X for Synapse 3. I just purchased my Blackwidow Elite and would like to use it for work too which is Mac. I am disappointed there isn't cross platform support, will there ever be cross platform support or should return my keyboard for another?

Are newer devices also compatible with Synapse 2?

Anybody reading this post, if you are a mac user and you value having secure and up to date software and firmware for your devices, then it pains me to say, look elswhere.
Ive spent hundreds of dollars on their products myself, and while I do enjoy the performance and endless features when I use these with my pc, Its sooo.... not the same story if you use a mac.
Synapse2, (the only version compatable with mac) hasnt been updated in at least5-6 years, and is missing alot of features that windows users enjoy. So if you do most of your work(or play) on windows, its a worthwhile investment as far as productivity and gaming are concerned. But if you have come to rely more heavily on your mac as i have in recent years, youll definately regret the purchase!
I mean unless maybe apple buys razor, or some other unholy miracle happens soon. hope this helps
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Apple is worth 3 trillion as of today...Razer? are you sure that Windows exclusivity is worth it?
Is Razer really that stupid they didn't make a v3 for Mac? Thank goodness I can return this trash product to Amazon