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Synapse 3 Mac OS X Support

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I too have been duped into buying the Kiyo Pro and found my way here after digging around for support beyond "on" and "off". The amazon listing didn't mention compatibility at all and in 2022, one should reasonably believe Windows and MacOS are universally supported. I'll be returning this piece of useless trash immediately.
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Another point in the decision was the print on the packaging that it was Mac compatible. And then you realize that Synapse 3 isn't available for the Mac and Synapse 2 doesn't support the headset. What's that supposed to mean?

You can still use it as a “generic headset”.

Yeah, I know - no THX Spatial (which is bad IMO, and other stuff, that you can simply replace like EQ).

That is it. The spatial audio is less of a problem, but rather you can't create your own equalizer profiles or configure the microphone. If other devices are added later (which will most likely not happen under these circumstances), they cannot be used properly either. The topic of Synapse 3 is, as you can see from this article, a big one. There are many Mac users who have the same problem and it is not addressed. Doesn't anyone at Razer think about this? Sad.

I just recently purchased the razer homerun bundle and ever since I plugged all of the products into my mac, I had to use this I mean its pretty good and all but I've see what Razer Synapse 3 can do. It makes the github download look like trash. heck, its 2022. Razer, I bet you've hear this millions of times but I'll just say it again, please, and I mean PLEASE make razer synapse 3 compatible with mac. Just look at this thread it overlook all the people that need this.

A razer user, Superaxe222
Someone found this. The thread was locked so I am reposting it here. Confirmed it is working. A little clunky but I am sure you guys can figure it out. No button assignment, but colors, battery level and detection worked for my Naga Pro on Mac 10.14.6 Mojave

It does a pretty decent job with colors, but fire, ripple, and overlapping effects are nonexistent in this github download.
I just received my Viper Ultimate and can barely use it on my Mac running OS 12.4. The least they could have done is mentioned this in the product specs/requirements. I wouldn't have bothered. I guess it's time to return it?
It would be great if we could get some traction on adding support Mac OS X for Synapse 3. I just purchased my Blackwidow Elite and would like to use it for work too which is Mac. I am disappointed there isn't cross platform support, will there ever be cross platform support or should return my keyboard for another?

Are newer devices also compatible with Synapse 2?

Yeah, used to have a mac before I got a pc using synapse was a hell hole to put it lightly.
The interface is all weird when its on mac.
Hi there,

I can't have my Razer Naga Pro fully working on Mac OS Monterey because Synapse 3 has no support for Mac.
Fortunately I can use BT connection and use it as a standard mouse, however I can't set hotkeys, which is the main reason for me to have a mouse such like that.

I am very disappointed that a product such as this one come with no compatibility for Mac users. I should have stick to the Logitech G604 which had all these functions properly working...

There is a solution
Connect the mouse to a windows computer with Synapse 3 installed.
Then install hotkeys as you want.
It will work when connecting back to macos
How do I turn off keyboard LEDs on mac?
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How do I turn off keyboard LEDs on mac?

Via 3rd party app
Sad story, sold my Basilisk Ultimate, bought SteelSeries, returned it, bought Logitech, have it unboxed on my desk, bought OrochiV2. I'm in love with it on both MacOS and Windows. Parallels could not handle the Synapse v3 in order for me to configure the DPI switch to a random key, did this on my Windows laptop, yet I don't feel confident because on WinOS it fails to pair using the Bluetooth so that I could check if any configuration is being possible via Synapse v3 in BT mode. On the other hand, the usual problems on MacOS without Synapse - Back/Forward keys are not being recognised in World of Warcraft for example as keys, at all. There's no complete happiness.
Hi Razer Team...
sorry don't want to wake you... this discussion is been going on for years. Not that you found a solution for it, but you don't even take a stand to the topic. Isn't it sad to read brands like Logitech, Steel Series or Corsair in this thread? Yes? No? Or do you just don't give a shit? Well I wish you very much success with more pink Kraken Kittys, apparel collections and things that really matter.
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Up To Date, current RAZER peripheral primary focus is towards "gaming".

Apple needs to level up the playing field.

No further explanation required

How can you ignore so many opinions and complaints?

I bought razer products because the razer described that you support configuration software (synapse 2) for MacOS. But you just notice  last year that you don’t support it anymore. You didn't give a convincing reason, you stopped without asking the consumer for understanding, or making future promises.


Are you deceiving the consumer?
This is a case that can be sued as a group for false advertising or non-compliance with promises.

Synapse doesn’t work well at all on Windows machines.  You want it to be broken on 2 operating systems?  Just saying… 🤷

Having upgraded to Sonoma and messed with the M1 chip. It’s kinda silly that Razer isn’t making a Synapse 3 for Mac. It’s actually a very powerful machine. And Mac hasn’t done this in nearly 20 years so, Razer’s missing out.

I am thinking of buying a Pro Type Ultra keyboard but as I use both macbook and a windows laptop am wondering will I be able to use it with both without issues? My other option is Logitec MX Keys S which I already now is compatible just not as beautiful.

In the meantime folks, until Razer exec’s realise that Mac owners actually have money to spend you can use this for device support on a Mac. This was linked earlier in this thread, this the download.

Sorry about the camera’s folks, the closest thing I can find is Xsplit vCam for Mac which appears to support it but not sure if that is device specific support.