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Synapse 3 Mac OS X Support

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Up To Date, current RAZER peripheral primary focus is towards "gaming".

Apple needs to level up the playing field.

No further explanation required

How can you ignore so many opinions and complaints?

I bought razer products because the razer described that you support configuration software (synapse 2) for MacOS. But you just notice  last year that you don’t support it anymore. You didn't give a convincing reason, you stopped without asking the consumer for understanding, or making future promises.


Are you deceiving the consumer?
This is a case that can be sued as a group for false advertising or non-compliance with promises.

Synapse doesn’t work well at all on Windows machines.  You want it to be broken on 2 operating systems?  Just saying… 🤷

When will Razer Synapse 3 be supported on Mac OS??? I do not own a Windows machine! :-( 

In the meantime folks, until Razer exec’s realise that Mac owners actually have money to spend you can use this for device support on a Mac. This was linked earlier in this thread, this the download.

Sorry about the camera’s folks, the closest thing I can find is Xsplit vCam for Mac which appears to support it but not sure if that is device specific support.