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Synapse 3 Mac OS X Support

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The best thing to do is to switch your hand with RAZER products, there is no support for the Apple platform anymore !!
Will be returning my black widow lite and buying a Corsair, with a higher budget just out of spite. $100 out of their pockets and $200 in a competitor's for showing such a braindead lack of support.
just bought the razer pro type ultra and realized there is no synapse 3 for mac os. guess i have tu return although i like this keyboard very much. 😞
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Anyone still inside the return window?...iCue for Mac & Windows! Razer, wouldn't it be nice if your customers didn't have to install a VM on whatever OS they choose to work on for their inputs to work as intended? Honestly charge more and hire some coders.

Corsair iCue for Windows& Mac!

Another option other than Logi, thank you Corsair. I'm going with the K100, sorry Razer It's just too annoying.
This seems to work. At least far better than synapse.

This recognizes the mouse, and grants rgb controls.

This allows your side buttons to work.
ive just bought Tartarus v2, and found that i cant use it on mac 🙂 lucky me i bought it preowned to try. buy anyway... didnt think that there are no mac support for razer soft in 2022

can someone advise what keypad to use on mac ? (not for gaming but for keybindings in Photoshop and so on?)
There Is a Github Application witch lets you customize RGB colors and mice sensetivity
Try it. Its completely safe, Here is proof.

No Mac support? WTF?

Just bought a tartarus v2 keypad I can't use... didn't even consider keyboards not being compatible with Mac before I bought it...
I'm thinkig of selling my naga pro since I mostly use Mac. Bad customer experience tbh.
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Yeah I gave up on Razer. I have the new ProBook with the M1 chip and I was using the Tartarus for productivity work in 3D softwares on my PC but I have now switched to ZSA Moonlander keyboard on both machines. Way more expensive but super happy with them 🙂
It would be great if we could get some traction on adding support Mac OS X for Synapse 3. I just purchased my Blackwidow Elite and would like to use it for work too which is Mac. I am disappointed there isn't cross platform support, will there ever be cross platform support or should return my keyboard for another?

Are newer devices also compatible with Synapse 2?

... I would have loved to know this before paying for it. well in any case back to best buy it goes, and I will get Logitect product. always good value.

really disappointed that they did not feel that they could spend a bit on the Mac platform, I develops software on mac system and making Synapse 3 should be an easy port in any case figure out some 20k$ more or less.

In any case back to best buy I go. returning my first and LAST Razer product.
Fingers crossed they will bring us back in the loop someday. I can't imagine its a hard task to make a MacOS driver, i'm so confused as to why they wouldn't roll out with this stuff with every update?!
When will we see Razer synapse 3 on MacOS and why isn't it already a thing? I'm not talking about the chroma part and light managing side, I'm talking about the shortcuts switching automatically when you switch programs

I’m a software engineer switching to the ridiculously superior macbook pro. It’s a shame you have to choose between a good laptop - windows ones are useless without a power source - or good peripherals

I have owned around 5 Razer mice, 4 Razer keyboards over the years and several Razer headsets. I am one day out of my mouse return date and just got my new Blackwidow TKL. I use both PC and Mac computers. Now I find out that Razer has f’d over Mac users. Last Razer products I will ever own. 

hola a todos, soy nuevo en esto del gaming, el dia de ayer compre un tartarus chorma con la ilucion de poder tener un teclado personalizado con el software de diseño, para el uso de photoshop, me voy enterando que el soporte para Mac os big sur no es el adecuado, espero pronto se resuelva esto.

traductor google

hola a todos, soy nuevo en esto del gaming, el dia de ayer compre un tartarus chorma con la ilucion de poder tener un teclado personalizado con el software de diseño, para el uso de photoshop, me voy enterando que el soporte para Mac os big sur no es el adecuado, espero pronto se resuelva esto.
Did this work? Cause Synapse 2 doesn’t support the Naga Pro, only way I found is to configure the Mouse in windows and get back to Mac...

No it did not work. 😞 I am thinking you are right; Must use windows to configure it and go back to MAC. Very frustrating!
Yeah... and then you just get rainbow light...
I'm almost certain Razer support doesn't even check the forums (they haven't responded here after almost a year)
It's probably a better idea for everyone who wants Synapse 3 on Mac sign this petition on Change to get them to do something

Done & sent $30 put towards the cause. :smile_:
Time to join the fight.
Just noticed that it's a year old & has stalled.
Come on guys, at least sign the petition, it's free & could help.
As others have said, a lite version would be greatly appreciated as a stop-gap.
My needs are extremely simple, I only need it for my optical keyed Huntsman v2 Analog keyboard so that I choose a single colour static backlight, & media key functionality.
No fancy light shows, no multi-gear synced lighting, no voice control, that's it.

So long story short; if you have a lower version of Mac OS Sonoma It will work as long as is not m1 or higher; just change the date settings before 2019; and install Synapse 2.; on the other hand if my computer with Sonoma I couldn't find a way to make the device visible. Tartarus V2

My wife dropped off my unopened Huntsman v2 Analog at the DHL Express Depot this morning for return shipment, I await a full refund.
How is it possible to ship a product in 2021 with such bad software support..? Especially when they take a premium fee for it! Just bought a razer naga pro, and it is ridiculous that it does not have any support at all for Mac, no workarounds, no beta software, or a lite version. The workaround using windows is not a feasible alternative, since it does not support all the features you could expect from a first-party solution for mac. Probably have to return it if there is no news about any solution at all.
Hi I’m a new Razer customer and I bought a base station chroma v2 and I didn’t see that the synapse wasn’t for Mac for now, but can I use the inside dac without,thanks for tips and help
I kept the keyboard intending to give Razer a spray, but plugged it in & it did everything I needed straight out of the box, without Synapse. Nice.
If someone in the contact centre had told me that at the start, I wouldn't have had to endure all the mindless template shrouded drivel & saved a lot of frustration.
That said, I'm delighted with my Huntsman v2 Analog & won't be chewing anyone's ear.
I've contacted them since & voiced my concerns that you professionals are disappointed.
I pleaded for a slow but steady ramp up of Synapse, to bring hope & restore trust.
Sorry gamers, I don't take you seriously.
I urge professionals to politely contact Chelsea (my Super Heroine ❤️) at Razer, she's been amazing & has been the only staff member to show Mac Razer customer respect.