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Synapse keeps restarting lights on keyboard

  • 28 January 2019
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Hi all

Hope someone has a solution to a new problem i have with my Razer Blackwidow Chroma and Synapse 3.

When Synapse is loaded, the color setup of the keyboard seems like it keeps restarting with a few seconds interval. So the keyboard light turns off for a second and then the keyboard starts whatever light i have setup again and again. It just started happening recently and i am unsure what triggered it.

If i "Kill" Synapse program the keyboard goes into default color cycle without the constant restart. So it seems software related.

I have tried uninstalling Synapse and reinstalling. But when Synapse is loaded the problem returns.

It does not matter what lightning effect i set up in Synapse. Still the same turn-off-light-and-restart-effect constantly happens.

I am running latest version of Synapse ( and also running an up-to-date Windows 10 Enterprise ver. 1809.

I have tried different usb-ports with no change.

Anyone else experienced this, and have an idea what to do?


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6 Replies

Hi again

I think I might have solved the problem myself.

I looked through all settings in Synapse and under "Connect" i found and enabled app called "LEDKeeper.exe" by Chroma Developer. I am unsure what this is, but when I disabled it, the problem stopped.

If I enable it again, the problem comes back. So guess I keep is disabled. :smile_:

Hope this helps others who might come across the same or similar problems.

Looked into "LEDKeeper.exe" some more, and it seems it is something added during install of MSI MysticLight software.

Uninstalling MSI MysticLight and restarting Synapse, and then the LEDKeeper.exe app is gone.
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This is come back of old bug there was on synapse 3 it's dont matter what effect you have or what device you set. I hope dev will fix this becose they always make some issue every update this time this ;/
me too and i hope they will fix it because it is starting to be really annoying
Hmm, the bug is not in old Synapse 2, it's really annoying.
I am also experiencing this problem. My keyboard and mouse chroma seems to "reset" every minute or so for me. Just like you said, my lighting will suddenly go dark like it is reloading my chroma settings. It's exactly what happens when you change anything in your chroma settings on the Studio tab in Synapse and click "save". I am running version 3.4.331.31119.