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[RAZERSTORE] RazerStore Rewards

[RAZERSTORE] RazerStore Rewards

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From now till October 31, 2022, become a RazerStore Rewards member and stand to win a suite of iconic Razer gear powered by Razer Chroma™️ RGB - which includes the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro, the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, the Razer Kraken V3 Pro, and the Razer Strider Chroma.

Winner will be notified by email.

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Insiders! The RazerStore is launching a new program, RazerStore Rewards that rewards you with Razer Silver for your purchases on Razer.com and our retail RazerStores.

Just like you would on Insider and Razer Cortex, earn Razer Silver to redeem epic Razer gear. Every purchase levels up your membership which unlocks even more Razer Silver, exclusive perks, and privileges.

Get in on the action at https://www.razer.com/store/rewards

Terms & conditions apply.

I hope to win.
Are these for purchases through the store or any razer gear?
Me gusto muchísimo esta aplicación que bueno que la encontré
give us silver, precious :big_grin_:
ai que lagal
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10x for the opportunity

looks good
Awesome. I just become a new member in RazerStore Reward 🆒🔥
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Good way to incentivize getting more Razer
what a piece of gold!
nice prize
need more discount on top of that

ofc... most gamers broke
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RazerStore Rewards is the best way to save on your favourite Razer products! I've been a RazerStore Rewards member since the beginning, and I've saved hundreds of dollars. I love getting exclusive perks like early access to new products and special discounts.
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when Nintendo $10 gonna restock? already waited for weeks still cant manage to redeem one...

Usually Silver Rewards restock every month/every other month
Perdi meu código de bakuc tem como disponibilizar outro ?
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Good luck to everyone! The day has come!
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xxxxxxx.xxxx measures input capabilities in terms of speed (words per minute) and accuracy on a computer system keyboard. Monkey types similarly determine keystrokes or critical Words per minute (WPM). A stream is usually provided to key prospects over some time. The monkey-type analysis is performed by matching the provided flow with the individual keyed in flow and learning errors. The final WPM rating is determined using a mathematical formula.

@Maximusisback been seeing posts like these more and more frequently. been reporting them as spam.
is anyone looking into it?
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nice more ways of getting silver
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@Maximusisback been seeing posts like these more and more frequently. been reporting them as spam.
is anyone looking into it?

User banned. Thanks 😉
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@Maximusisback been seeing posts like these more and more frequently. been reporting them as spam.
is anyone looking into it?

Thanks for pointing it out and thank you @FiszPL for taking care of it
wow!!!! I love this!!!! Thank you RAZER!!!!!

That's sad. Well then try looking out for the other events!!!
This Dream its possible, lets go!
More silver!! 🙂
Hello good time
I lost my phone number and it cannot be returned. I want to add a new number. Please help. Thank you
Necesito ayuda con mis auriculares, no sé oye bien y el micro va fatal. Las formas en las que se supone razer te tiene que ayudar no ayudan en nada. El bot que tienen como support online peor imposible. El vídeo que te dan, hice todo lo que dice en el y nada.
Por favor, alguien me puede ayudar a hacer que funcionen bien?

I need help with my headset, the sound is pretty bad, just like if it was underwater, the mic os even worsth, and all the help razer can give is worthless. I tried everything on their vídeo and nothing works. Pelase somebody help me.
I think that the reward part is great, however, I mainly installed this for keyboard customization in the l.e.d lights on it. But, that has not happened. thx for reading.

Very good