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[GIVEAWAY] Samurai Warriors 5

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Thanks for the giveaway. I prefer PC :big_grin_:
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Thanks guys.!!!
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Whoops!! Thanks for the giveaway.. Would love it for PC
PC please.... I'm praying for the best...please choose me:wink_::wink_:
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PC here and good luck to everyone!
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Thanks for the giveaway, awesome game! PC 🙂
Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck everyone!
Would like it on PC

Hey Insiders!

In celebration of the release of Samurai Warriors 5, our friends at KOEI TECMO want to giveaway five (5) codes for Samurai Warriors 5 for either the PC or XBOX ONE to our amazing Razer Insider community! Simply like and comment and state which platform (PC or XBOX ONE) you prefer for a chance at being one of five (5) lucky Razer Insiders to receive a code for Samurai Warriors 5.

Additionally, for every 20 comments received, we'll be giving away the "Nice" achievement randomly. Tell your friends! And don't forget to visit, like and follow our friends!

Good Luck!
* * *

SAMURAI WARRIORS is the top selling Sengoku action game series in Japan!

The story from the first SAMURAI WARRIORS is reimagined.

Stories that have yet to be covered in the series such as Nobunaga's younger years and his first time meeting Mitsuhide will be included in the story, along with exhilarating moments such as the battle-to-the-death involving the Oda family and the Incident at Honnōji. Experience the dramatic story unfold, told from the eyes of Nobunaga and Mitsuhide.

New visuals inspired by traditional Japanese art

The battlefield, characters and effects have all been imbued with a new visual style inspired by traditional Japanese art. Players can experience new action elements along with exhilarating and magnificent battles in an ever evolving battlefield.

- - -

Terms and Conditions apply. Visit: SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 (koeitecmoeurope.com) for more details.

Nice giveaway! I've been playing SW since SW2 camo out and can't wait to try out the new game! Already excited for the young characters :D
PC for me 🙂
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PC Steam
Nice! Pc user here 🙂
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I guess one more PC to count in.
Ah, sure. PC would be nice.
Great news for all insiders!!!
PC for life

Good luck insiders.
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Gimme gimme! PC squad PC master race!
Lets do this! PC
Let's go PC master race!
Amazing! PC here and I hope I can get luck at least in this giveaway haha
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The return of the long awaited giveaway.
Thanks for that.

I'll take a PC version.
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not my type, but nice giveaway.
Participating. PC
Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone!
I'd like the game on PC if I'm lucky enough to win.
Sure, I'm down for a PC or PS5 copy!
Absolutely, I'm PC all the way.
PC please!