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[TotW] And Then Two Became One

  • 17 December 2019
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Many times I find that one of our products simply aren't enough to fulfill a need. I can try to break into the secret lab the devs and engineers have locked themselves in creating the next best thing, but honestly, I'm sure they're light years beyond what I can even imagine.

Back to my original point, however. There are times where I wish I could have the under glow of the Cynosa Chroma Pro and full Chroma keys on my BlackWidow Lite. Or a Firefly Hard Edition the size of a Goliathus Extended.

Which Razer products would you ship to have babies to be the ultimate product? What kind of Frankenstein amalgamation would you cackle insanely for to give life?

This is the last Thread of the Week for the Year, so I'm going to be super generous with Razer Silver. Be sure to check your rewards next week to see if you got something from Santa me. Ho ho ho!

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A Dota 2 themed Huntsman Elite and a Mamba Elite w/ under glow would be nice.
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The razer Goliathus Extended with USB ports would have been perfect
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A newer entry into the PC gamepad/ not sure what peripheral market the Tartarus or the Orbweaver fit in. Maybe something with more USB ports for us laptop users and some underglow RGB wouldnt be bad either.
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A Deathadder Elite with the weight and wireless components of the Viper Ultimate, but I already know you wizards are making this. Why else would the Deathadder Elite be for sale at a ridiculous price of $25 on Amazon and other retailers. 🙂
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Ultimate Product?
I think everyone will love this FIREFLY HYPERFLUX at the size of a GOLIATHUS EXTENDED CHROMA! :wink_:
Don't forget the RGB Frankenstein as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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I wish the Razer Nabu watch gets a new upgraded variant with latest features like,
- an amoled display with exercise/step tracking and heart rate sensor
- Rugged casing
- Synapse Chroma integration
- Payment features like the fitbit pay
- IOS/android app notifications

All the new smartwatch features from the new gen tech.

Its just my wish :smile_:
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Everyone would love an almighty Razer product that does what several separate other products will do and certainly have all the features. But that would simply reduce the buying range of the other products, so will likely take lead in the sells. I think my eyes will bleed out for a "Firefly King" to have customs sizes, mouse wrist rest, maybe some different mouse pad type to be replaced, a place for the keyboard like some support and why not some chroma sync as well (the type like the huntsman and his wristrest), usb ports and maybe some small display with whatever is necessary.
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The Huntsman Elite with the Huntsman TE keycaps! And then cut off the sides so the keys are flush with edge of keyboard. There's not much of a border but the less the better.
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I think some sort of Orbweaver or Tartarus but with multiple functions, like volume settings, chroma effects change, even a mini screen. Sounds good!
I would cackle insanely for the final Frankenstein amalgamation of Synapse 2 driven devices into Synapse 3 !
And your already 3 year old baby of Synapse 3 to be the ultimate final product!

But maybe the devs should also fix the non functional analog switches they have spend to the Tartarus Problematic ?

¡¡¡ Free the devs from their secret cages so they can see the real world problems !!!
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the WAVE chroma effect is my fav. I own the following things that all sync to the chroma wave effect:

-lian li (razer edition) case = save
-huntman elite keyboard = wave
-firefly mouse mat = wave
-mamba mouse = wave
-headset holder = wave

I need a head set to add to my WAVE-ness and complete the look as my kraken v2's can only do so little. Heck, I need a monitor that has chroma and can do the wave as well! lastly, my Razer Seiren only lights up green, that can def use some WAVE love.

OOH, 1 more thing, if the toaster ever becomes a thing... please make sure it can do the WAVE.... thanksssssssssss
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Ultimate Product?
I think everyone will love this FIREFLY HYPERFLUX at the size of a GOLIATHUS EXTENDED CHROMA! :wink_:
Don't forget the RGB Frankenstein as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

Even if that one didn't come in my mind first, it'll become a must have in no time.

Personnaly, i'd like to see the illegetimate son af a Tartarus Pro and a Blackwidow Elite (with orange swithes).
This might seem odd for others but i previously had a G510S from Logitech and i miss a bit the massive amount of macro, a Tartarus like extension on my keyboard could replace those and the joystick under the thumb will make it perfect.
A Razer Firefly Extended! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
I have the Razer Chroma mug holder with Razer Chroma™️ lighting on the base.
How nice if the Razer logo on the mug can be lighted up with Chroma lighting, when the mug is holding my hot chocolate or coffee ?
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Dear Santa,
I've bought 4 Razer products this year. 1st a Sphex mini, then my beloved headphones the Razer Kraken Pro V.2 and one of the best control packs out there, a Goliathus Chroma and a Deathadder Elite. So I think I've been a good boy.

Now if you can make a Goliathus Extended (cloth or hard) with the 19 lighting zones of the Firefly with the cable catch on the right side I'll be an ever better one for 2020.