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[TotW] Is Less More or More, Better?

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We recently announced our Razer Book which will be part of our new productivity line. You've already seen the mouse and keyboard and now we have unveiled our new laptop. It's not a gaming machine. It's a beautifully designed windows machine made for productivity. Although you may be able to play a few games on it, the focus is on the power for productivity and business. It's no secret that many people use Macs because they're prettier, amazing how often times it comes down to how things look. I can't blame them. Whether you're conducting business in your office or on the road, you don't want to be toting around some clunky utilitarian piece of hardware. Also, I think this gives Razer an opportunity to play around with new kinds of tech that will only benefit us, the end-users; the gamers for the most part.

What do you think? Do you like this direction we're going in or should we just "stick to gaming?" This is your Thread of the Week. Like and comment for the weekly random "Great" achievement. Two other comments will receive the "Nice" achievement based on their answers.

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Since few months we've seen Razer greatly expand his catalog, so I wasn't surprised when the Razer Book was launched.

The Blade Stealth was a first step towards power efficiency, even if it was still made for gaming.
In my opinion, it's just a natural evolution.

Mac has always been a reference when it comes to productivity laptops, it's a sloppy land but I think Razer can claim his share if they keep on innovating and enhancing their products.
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More is more, but these seem like a fine idea.
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Microsoft surface or RAZER book? help me to narrow down my decision
Microsoft surface or RAZER book? help me to narrow down my decision

You know what the answer will be when posting here 😏
Razer is Simply a lifestyle brand. simple as that. For them to create more items and products in the productivity line is only natural. Way to go Razer for exercising the Lifestyle title.