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[TotW] Want or Do Not Want

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May the power of Min compel you!

We've had a lot of exciting product announcements come up these past weeks. Which one are you the most excited for? Sound off in the comments. Like and comment for a chance at the weekly "Great" achievement and since there was a brief hiatus, I'll choose 3 random lucky people for this week's Thread of the Week!

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The GaN charger looked interesting
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BLACKSHARK V2 PRO SIX SIEGE SPECIAL EDITION. The design looks AMAZING and I really wanna buy that bad boy ! But sadly its already sold out 😭
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New Razer Blade 14 with AMD cpu! Hope to see larger variants with AMD cpu!
the toaste.....oh wait....RIP (I mean come on....Bungie already has pre-orders up for theirs! where's our official Razer one qqqqqqqqqqq )

But seriously the usb c gan charger could be quite handy.
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Blade 14" with AMD processor! The return of th 14" combined with the fast phase AMD cpu!
The GaN charger, cuz it can charge laptops :eek_:, the laptop was also interesting as it uses AMD...
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Everything and more.
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The Iskur X
Absolutely the
That looked so amazing and would love to get my hands on one

I think there's a bunch of products that make no sense and doesn't fit the range / brand... but given the economy I also get needing to make profit and if something is an in-demand luxury item then you need to take every opportunity you get.

The Headsets and always any mouse / keyboard (any peripherals) spark my interest when from Razer. Bags, masks, straws, cushions, etc... just not my interest in the Razer brand. As "they" always said... Stick to what you're good at.
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Blade 14" with AMD processor.

But I was not expected the new Blade was only 14", still not happy without per-key RGB for 3060 model
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Iskur X is unexpected in my opinion, since Razer tend to introduce a much higher price for their successful product. Still, it is much better to have a affordable option
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Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger is a beautiful design, it had a crazy power support so as the price
the blade 14'' just coz its the first time razer is going amd if im not wrong. design is just on point too
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The Iskur would be a cool one.
Iskur X will be really awesome
the sneki merchandise and razer blade 14
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Omg This is Black Power Ranger !!! o_O
Ooops I revealed secret identity of Razer super heroe.
Sooo sorry Min-Liang Tan. :rolleyes:
Please Dkd hide my message, otherwise super villain logi take advantage. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

Hello friends,

Razer Blade 14 because it satisfies AMD fans as well as users who want versatile CPU.
It's really good to have choice. ^ _ ^
Iskur X, and Blackshark V2 pro. Funny enough my chair and headset broke recently.
Coincidence, I think not.
AMD CPU's are behind that those of Intel's as Intel is best in single core performance. AMD CPU's are prone to excessive heating. Yeah they are; but ryzen and later processor are much cooler than ever; though cooling equipments for your desktop or laptop CPU aren't that much expensive.
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The Iskur X hyped me the most.
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Wow, no one's mentioned Hazel :eek_:
That certainly stood out the most for me.
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I totally missed it
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Wow, no one's mentioned Hazel :eek_:
That certainly stood out the most for me.

Hazel has been announced for quite some time by now, so for me it wasn't available for the choice.
But I agree with you.
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got to be that Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger.
i'm power hungry!
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nothing beats the Blade 14 with AMD Ryzen and VIDIA GeForce RTX 3080.