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[TotW] When I Say Razer...

  • 21 September 2021
  • 36 replies

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When I say RAZER, what are the top three words that pop into your head? Don't think too much about it, follow your gut! Go go go!

This is your Thread of the Week. Let's have fun with this one. Three random giveaways of the "Great" Achievement. Like and comment to play!

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36 Replies

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OMG - Oh My God!!!
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Min-Liang Tan:cool_:
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Snakes, Chroma, Naga ❤
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Green, Snake and RGB!
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"Chroma", "Min", "Dekades"
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When I say RAZER... Green snakes logo, great unboxing experience, free RAZER stickers in the box, beautiful Chroma RGB, amazing ecosystem, amazing products quality and lastly I can earn RAZER SILVER to redeem amazing RAZER's products and others. Once you own RAZER, you'll never turn back ! 💚💚💚
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Badge +1
Best unboxing experience and always good looking products & RazerGuy (cheers Robert):D
Welcome to the cult 🐍
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Hello Friends,

Razer Blade Quartz. 🐍🌲💖
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Toaster RGB 😛
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Chroma, Snek, Toaster
A platform full of amazing surprises :smile_:
If we can have sentences it is Razer Synapse opening before Windows does.
Give Toaster Now
Chroma, Synapse, Toaster
Silver, chroma, blade.

Razer silver because its a very nice program for us to get razer stuff. :big_grin_:
Chroma, because well RGB RGB RGB ! :cool_:
Blade because its an awesome gaming laptop that I haven't been able to buy and maybe someday, I can save enough to get one. Moreover, it reminds me of the shaving razor blade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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Deathadder, Chroma, sneki snek.
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snakes green rgb
RGB it is what it is, just RGB
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Chroma, Blackwidow, Deathadder.

The three most well-known things that come out of Razer
green, snek, fps
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Green snake, Toaster, Gaming.
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Gaming Stylish Performance