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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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i just wanna see lower prices :c
I would like to see a Razer Monitor.
Stuff also in europe.
look up the blackweb pc speakers (20 bucks, walmart) I want razer to drop somthing as sleek as those with atleast comparable sound quality and CHROMA!!!! that would be sick. I use headphones for competitive but for casual, I use speakers. also, with the razersurround, a speaker option would be great. Since there isnt one I use the stereo headphones option and pick the speakers for output, I then calibrate them and its amazing. Most people are unaware of its good use for a speaker EQ, and I think its because theres no option.
Maybe a new mouse like the Mamba but with more customizable buttons on the side for games like CSGO to switch between more than just two weapons even faster.

Make a gaming desk with chroma lighting and headphone stand or holder, another thing that could be added is a cup holder on the side so you don't drop your drinks on your peripherals.
I own a Razer Blade Pro, Razer Mamba, Man o War and hammerhead BT. The only thing missing from my setup is a razer cooling pad for my laptop and a razer router. Will buy both if you guys decide to release one.
As some people have said, a 144Hz 24-28" 1MS gaming monitor, would be amazing.
no estaría nada mal un monitor y alguna silla gaming
Razer toilet paper.
Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

PLEASE update the Wildcat with the same new features the Raiju has! The reinforced analog stick circle things (not sure what to call them 😂) and the integrated grips. And i guess better analog sticks as well cause the ones on the Wildcat started messing up too soon.
A monitor or a gaming chair!
Maybe a chair? idk game setup
The razer toaster
I love Razer NZXT chassis but the only problem with it is that you cannot turn off the bottom green led lights, that sometimes causes irritation. I would love to see a new design from razer either their own or partnership with other.

The NZXT case is pretty cool but if they made a Chroma one that would work with Synapse, would be pretty sick.
Chroma speaker, leviathan maybe?
would love to see a razer x dota/league of legends skins , that will be dope!
Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

Razer Blade 14 4k? "Coming Soon"
Chroma Chroma Chroma

I love chroma, Iove that at any moment, if I feel bored with my current PC scheme, I can pop out colors and get a whole new look and feel.

That in mind, some things I have thought of...

Chroma monitors (or at least chroma enabled lights to put on monitors and stuff)
Chroma enabled usb lights to pop around my desk area and add backlighting where I want it. Could be wireless with battery power and a receiver via usb.
Chroma enabled chassis for desktops (we see a ton of mutlicolor desktops, but I would love some app control)
If not chassis, chroma enabled case fans. presuming you could hook all the case fans up to an internal controller that pops into the mobo.
drive bay chroma controller. Would be nifty if you can make some preset themes, and change them at a single press of the button, all external from the system of course.

speakers could be cool. I always liked the idea of the steam machine (would probably build my own, +1 if there was a razer chassis that is made to look console/receivery). Would be great to hook up to a set of speakers that has a nice little glowing razer emblem on the front.

More USB passthrough. I love my black widow, the only thing that could make it better is if it had some ports.

Cable wraps, internal lighting, tons of little things like that.

I dream of a desk setup thats well lit and beautiful, with every light controllable through synapse and/or the sdk.
When I was at pax, there were a ton of great home built PCs, mostly corsair and thermal take since they had the most lighting options etc. I feel like the market is there, and that razer just isn't in it yet. Plenty of those PCs were paired with razer chroma peripherals, if you told those people that their case could hook into synapses, i feel confident they would hop on board.

Razer gaming chairs, with el wire in the design, and built in speakers. communicates wirelessly with synapses. (would plug in to the wall though)

Razer controllers are nice, but it would be great if they had chroma while plugged into pc. XBONE has built in windows support, sony has easy ways to integrate PC support. Right now I use a ps4 controller with my computer when I play certain games, would be awesome if I used a razer controller to play both instead.

Streaming equipment

A lot of these things exist, but havent been made chroma, when they could benefit from chroma (stream equipment, case, speakers)
would love bookcase style speakers though.
Razer Kraken V2 , Pro, and the Man'o'war Forged versions
I liked the Razer toaster. I think that would be a nice gift for gamer :smile_:

Razer tunes RAM with their style and lights...
Illuminated logo on Razer Blades, just behind the monitor.
Illuminated logo on Razer Blades, just behind the monitor.

Not sure why you are saying this. They already are illuminated. A lot of people would prefer chroma or something more subtle like what they've done with the new grey stealth.
Razer monitor, complete with Chroma. I know Asus are doing some ROG monitors with their Aura thing so it would be cool to see a Razer version!

A 27" QHD monitor will be good too. But I still want a TOASTER