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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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* Wireless earphones
* An at least 23" LED Gaming Monitor ( Of course with LED's, maybe even a chroma edition )
There are two peripherals That would be cool to see, A G-Sync 144Hz monitor and a HOTAS Flight System. I know the guys behind Star Citizen are looking to co-develop one with a manufacturer so you could work with them 🙂
A monitor by Razer would be dope or designed by Razer.
External hard disk, Razer wallet
Nabu for Europe, Razer Blade for Europe, ... Just something that America and Asia already have and Europe doesn't :)
And for something really new, like the others already said, a monitor would be really cool :D

Exactly, we need the Nabu!
- I would like to see optional keycaps for the mechanical keyboard series (blackwidows). Doubleshot PBT / POM backlit (plastics). In white and black (+ razer green) with the option to mix colors for rows or special keys. Double shot gives a lot of extra options for colors and still have the back-light be functional.
These different types of plastics have different feel and sound. In my opinion better than regular ABS plastics used for the default setup. This option would make the blackwidows from good to near perfect. I would be very very pleased to have this option.
Also since the bottom row is not the same as say Filco, WASD or Ducky replacement keys for the bottom row are impossible to find. Not to mention the macro keys and the media functions on the top row.
Filco style Ninja keycaps (the letters are on the side instead of top).

- All products available to everyone would be great. (I'm in Europe)
- Video Camera to complement the Seiren.
- More software, like what Logitec done, replace the keyboard display and move that functionality to phone and tablet. Would be great to control the synapse2.0 settings on a tablet or phone while I'm still in game etc. View the heat maps there, you get the idea.
Project Christine all the way!
What I'd like to see form razer:
More Switchblade UI Apps
In particular more game compatible ones. And a fb messenger one would be sweet.
Razer Monitor with at 3k screen (preferably 4k), 144Hz, NVidia G-Sync, 1ms response. Doesn’t matter if it is 24 or 28 inch. The best idea would be to have both ;-)
Razer Blade for EU
A New Razer Blade Pro
with a Switchblade UI.
(Though I wouldn’t buy it as I already have a Deathstalker Ultimate) What the Deathstalker Ultimate is seriously lacking is USB and Audio Ports like the Blackwidow.
Razer Spare parts. In particular for the wireless mice, selling replacement cables would be a lifesaver
Razer Synapse 2.0 Mobile App Edit your Synapse profiles on the go, or in-game without having to tab out.
->Razer monitor;
->Razer Gaming Chair;
->Razer mobile phone;
->Razer mobile base coolers for Laptops (RazerBladePro);
->Razer Stores (More online stores, like stores in Europe, South America...);
->Razer Support (Support for other countries, no need to send the product to USA for support, less expensive this way);
->Razer Project Christine;

->Razer Cortex + Synapse (Fusion of the software Cortex and Synapse, 1 software for everything, less consume, more easy and clean)
->Razer Broadcaster (Software for twitch.tv integrated with Synapse and Cortex, more efficent and compact)
Support for EU! :3
smartphone would be awesome! and monitor too!
The orbeweaver chroma 😉
Monitor, more cases, a webcam and a redesigned razer synapse
Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

One or maybe two of the below mentioned:

  • A 4K Monitor at least(!) 24" (but the bigger is better) with 3D capabilities and native 200Hz (for 3D).
  • Maybe a docking station that sports an external high-end GFX card so a 14" Blade would be able to run the latest games on the highest resolution, with highest FPS with the above mentioned monitor, when not on the move and staying at home.
  • More wireless stuff. A keyboard, a keypad, or a controller for PC (some games are just more comfortable on controllers). Less cable more fun!
  • And I hate to say to copy Logitech, at some points the biggest copycat of Razer (this is a personal point of view!), but a unified receiver like Logitech's would be great when more and more wireless peripherals would be available.
  • Oh, and not to forget. The only thing I do not buy Razer keyboards is, that they are available only with english layout. A localized keyboard would be more than welcome, even on the cost of the above mentioned things. Seriously. Would like to grab a silent mechanical keyboard if it would be available in my language. (OLED keyboards like on Switch Blade, if several layouts would be problematic?)
  • A slim, silent true mechanical keyboard for Blade/Blade Pro? Just for fun to show that Razer can do this too. :p

Oh, and give more focus to Europe!!! We're here, and would like to have all the stuff too!
a flight stick for sure, because star citizen looks awesome and i want to be immersed

a monitor like the ones described in the posts before mine. (4k or 1440p 1 ms 144hz Gsync)

a chroma orbweaver and a new updated blade pro with a 980m, 27in 4k screen and the switchblade

a new edge/razer tablet maybe that uses the tegra K1 or is basically a laptop with a detachable keyboard like the edge was with an I7 and dedicated gpu and SSD storage

high quality webcam would be nice since i would have a reason to buy one then (im deep in the cult)

razer gaming chair that looks like one of those awesome racing seats in green and black of course with razer branding all over it and maybe (just spit balling) a switchblade interface on one of the arms if thats even feasible?

no matter what you make razer i will probably always be a loyal fanboy and go out and kill my wallet on everything thats got the tri headed snake slapped all over it XD
looking forward to the new year with your mice in my hands and the blasting explosions coming from your headphones ringing in my ears
Orbweaver epic chroma (wireless) to go along with the naga epic chroma.
I´d like to see a compact and silent keyboard 😉
A Gaming Trackball Mouse like the M$ Trackball Explorer. Best Trackball Ever!!!! There is a big market for one if done right. More than just gamers would buy it....
We don't need new products. We need razer stores, shipment and proper warranty in more countries.
Not sure how viable or possible this would be, as I don't know enough about the technology, but I still want to throw this into the pot ...

Would it be possible, maybe using a combination of Synapse and hardware, to make a single global wireless hub for multiple Razer items while keeping the gaming-grade wireless response times? It'd be great to only need a single USB port to plug a hardware wireless receiver into, but have it take care of both a mouse and a keyboard and possibly a headset and/or other peripherals as well.

The reason for asking that is because I'd like to see more wireless options. The Naga Epic Chroma is a great start; can that be extended to, say, a Deathstalker Epic Chroma or an entirely new keyboard?
May I suggest a Razer Insider app for both Android and iOS phones? There's already the Comms and Nabu app, but I'd love to see the Insider to be an app. Sure, the website is (might be) mobile friendly, but the whole website is not working properly.

If you wanna make the app exclusive for the members of the Insider, maybe you provide a link in the Insider forums so that only Insider users can download it.
We don't need new products. We need razer stores, shipment and proper warranty in more countries.

We need more of these shops in every country in the world. Good idea! :D
The release of the Chroma SDK would be greatly appreciated. I have some great ideas to bring total customization to the table using the SDK in an entire new way. Now I'm just sitting here waiting for it to come out. 🙂
With your new Chroma line expanding to the most popular peripherals, I would love to see it go to the Razer Naga Hex. Not everyone plays MMOs or thinks that the Naga is a great choice for them (me being the later) and has found comfort in the Naga Hex. I would LOVE to see a chroma version of it to go with the black widow and headsets you've been making.

Also, I know this was done by you guys already (and also only for a limited print run), but I really think you should bring back your headset stand and sell it as an official razer product. Lots of us fans have cool, expensive razer headsets but have no place to put it when its not in use!
Razer themed motherboard!