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Android 9 Pie

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by XOmegaGold, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. DGMurdockIII

    DGMurdockIII Active Member

    Yes bad support
  2. DGMurdockIII

    DGMurdockIII Active Member

    Please let us know when
  3. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    So, it's been a few weeks easy, is that reddit post the only mention of an actual update coming for the rp1?
  4. Eoghan2018

    Eoghan2018 New Member

    Yeah it's the only comment I have seen. I didn't even see any official statement on any of razer's social media accounts or on here.
  5. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    OK so it wasn't just me. very disappointing
  6. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    Holy crap... If you have a rp1, there is a pending update!!!
    Pie and security updates up til July 2019!

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    WASSABEE New Member

    Just upgraded to Android 9. Black screen with jittery sound when launching games in full screen mode. Anyone else has this issue?
  8. TanJADEauto948

    TanJADEauto948 New Member

    Yep just received my notification too! Should i wait to update?
  9. NIRUT

    NIRUT New Member

    Yeah, me too, black scren when switch between game and apps.

    Anoyone else?
  10. NIRUT

    NIRUT New Member

    Defenitely wait for forum comments since I got black screen when changing apps, opening apps and screen lock.
    TanJADEauto948 likes this.
  11. TanJADEauto948

    TanJADEauto948 New Member

    Okay will wait for more responses!
  12. NIRUT

    NIRUT New Member

    After try some other game, Pokemon Go and Azur Lane also have problem launching.
    The sympthom is that only black screen while music and other things loading, you can even hearing click sound in the background (But you cannot see them.)
    Also, after try changing apps or go to homescreen, phone struggle to react and nearly everytime crash.
  13. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Hey guys please head to the official thread so I can keep track of things there :)
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