Deathadder Chroma Not Being Recognized by Synapse 3

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by azhmira, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. beneunleashed

    beneunleashed New Member

    Are you kidding me? Just updated my Black Widow Chroma to a Huntsman, now the Huntsman isn't supported in Synapse 2 and my DeathAdder Chroma isn't supported in Synapse 3. Two annoying shitty splash screens of two different Synapses at every Windows boot for products from the same company..that's just great.

    Am i supposed to replace my perfectly working mouse now just to have a coherent software experience? Is this how you try to pressure people into buying new products? Ridiculous...this was my last Razer purchase.
  2. not buying another razer product while they ripping people off with this shit
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  3. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    My Blackwidow Chroma V1 is not being detected also. What is going on with Synapse 3?
  4. I3lackI3eard

    I3lackI3eard New Member

    Being that the DeathAdder Chroma has the word CHROMA in the name, it should support Synapse 3.
    You're supporting crap OLDER than the Deathadder Chroma in Synapse 3.
    I have spent a LOT of money with Razer over the years for my gaming rigs and my sons, but if this doesn't get added quick, this will be the absolute last Razer product this family purchases.
  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr same issue for me. I have a deathadder chroma not being supported by synapse3 and now I am stuck with 2 different softwares! no point trying to stick to razer to simplify the user experience, might as well get my next mouse from logitech :mad_:
  6. fahadq888

    fahadq888 New Member

    Im stuck on synapse2 razer mamba not work on synapse 3 not show connected device !!!
  7. SgtSlowpoke

    SgtSlowpoke New Member

    I urge all residents of developed countries to file a class action lawsuit against razer. They label chroma on all of their products, but in fact they do not support them. What should I download 2 separate applications? However, my devices will not work synchronously and this slows down the system at startup. Even my deathadder chroma gets confused, apparently 2 applications are conflicting. I want to note that in 2018 they promised to introduce support for all devices on reddit, but 2 years have passed, 2 years Carl.
  8. Tom_C

    Tom_C New Member

    Hi, I was having the exact same error page not allowing me to access any of the features of my Razer Deathadder Chroma and after ALOT of searching I came across this video on YouTube, it seemed to have worked flawlessly for me because apparently once you had updated your mouses driver through the Synapse 2 application, windows recognises it as a keyboard as well as a mouse. Anyway, this video shows you how to update the mouses driver to a previous version therefore allowing Synapse 2 to recognise the mouse :D
  9. wootwootz

    wootwootz New Member

    Shame on this money grabbing company... This is very disrespectful. Play with someone else's money. For sure not buying any Razer product ever again...
  10. Tylah337

    Tylah337 New Member

    i only made an account for this topic, its about time you add deathadder chroma pretty much one of your most legendary mice to synapse 3 razer, listen to your god damn customers.
  11. Tylah337

    Tylah337 New Member

    no i dont want to upgrade to your new weird overdesigned mice that excite the underaged fortnite players, i want support for a product that i paid, otherwise off to corsair for me too, its not like your newer products are superior if anything.
  12. Aemyr

    Aemyr New Member

    Same problem here. Please Razer, listen to your Community.
  13. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    The new ones have better sensors, switches, scroll wheel grip, side grips, better feet, more buttons, and better software with more customization and options. Plenty of improvements the last few years since the Deathadder Chroma. Otherwise older products still work great with Synapse 2, nothing's changed for the worse.
  14. cku239dev

    cku239dev New Member

    Just bought one from retail, good to see razers stopped support for products that are still being sold in the shops(that's sarcasm).
    luckily i bought this because its a perfect fit for my hand not for the extra features. but it certainly will make think twice before buying any other razer product.
  15. cku239dev

    cku239dev New Member

    Oh and why does the website support page for the deathadder chroma take me to synapse 3 download instead of synapse 2
  16. This is fucking bullshit I upgraded not know that I would deal with all of these fucking problems please reupload synapse 1 it's honestly is better than 2 and 3...
  17. PexyPS

    PexyPS New Member

    I gave away my elite to my mothers computer, and still a half year later there's no fix. Razer is for kids below 10 years, not "elite". But, if they fix an update worth the name, I will regret my harsh words. :D I'm using 2.0 and going to 3 or whatever...
  18. VaderCraft2006

    VaderCraft2006 New Member

    I have a "Razer Deathadder Chroma" as well as a "Razer Cynosa Chroma" and, the Cynosa works with 3 but not the mouse... I was disappointed at you guys when I found out that my mouse does not work with the software. It does work with the visualizer though.
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