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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Dekades, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. XOmegaGold

    XOmegaGold New Member

    I would actually like the added option of locking the FPS at 30. Some apps, like Pokemon Go, don't behave correctly at higher framerates do to the app's polling and make certain actions more difficult. Currently, the lowest you can go is 40 FPS. I haven't been able to figure out a per app way to lock framerate.
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  2. BPMOmega

    BPMOmega New Member

    Not sure if this has been suggested before, but...

    I'd like to see an option to set a different refresh rate for display and input. My particular want for this is with Pokémon Go.

    The game looks and runs great at 120 Hz, however there is a detriment to this: spinning Poké Balls (for curve throws) is A LOT harder to pull off than at 60 Hz. Due to this, I run the game at 60 Hz.

    Seems this would be technically possible. I've had it "glitch" on me a couple of times. Despite being set to 60 Hz, sometimes when I open the game (either from waking the phone or switching back to it from another app), the display is running at 120 Hz, but inputs are still at 60 Hz (i.e. not difficult to pull off a curved throw).
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  3. HS_ZERO

    HS_ZERO New Member

    Do set the Power Management mode of the Game Booster to Not Optimise. Otherwise sometimes, android will kill the Game Booster. Been there, tried there.

    I would like to have the list to show the recent or most played games on the top. Easy to customise your favourite game! Simple feature, yet useful, right?

    Anyways, pokemon go at 90hz are solidly fluid, i think your problem is with the screen protector. For me, I don't use any. Juz the screen and stock coating! Very well made.
  4. gonzo6o

    gonzo6o Member

  5. IngmarReimer

    IngmarReimer New Member

    So in main i think it is a good thing. I had better performance with the Game Booster and compared to other applications they where not that good as the one from Razer. I think you did a good job!
  6. TridentTechGrp

    TridentTechGrp New Member

    About 50% of the games I play have the adjustment within the app. Either thru V-Sync or direct selection to lock it to 30FPS. I would rather keep this as an app dependent feature with a choice of using the app settings instead of the gamebooster selections.

    The 2 examples below would be from Modern Strike and ArmaJet
    Screenshot_20190407-215647.png Screenshot_20190407-220116.png
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  7. DumpsterJ

    DumpsterJ New Member

    I really like the Cortex app along with the game booster. I like how all my game stuff is automatically added.
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  8. gonzo6o

    gonzo6o Member

    I was wondering I have both Razer phones. And cortex and game booster on both. I noticed that on the RP1 Android 8.1 game booster runs non-stop no matter if your using the app or not. But on the RP2 with 9.0 it doesn't show up in running services at all any time.
    Just wondering if anyone else noticed this or may have any input.

    Crickets. Really no one has noticed this or has any input?
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  9. DumpsterJ

    DumpsterJ New Member

    I only have the second rp and I have no idea. If I had to guess it would be maybe a difference in how Pie displays and runs background services or it doesn't need to keep running the program to keep the clocks set.
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  10. gonzo6o

    gonzo6o Member

    I thought maybe it would be something like that. Its just weird to me. Game booster in the RP1 is running constantly always. And I've never seen it in running service on my RP2 with pie. On the other hand never had a lot of Google play services running on the RP1 but on the 2 there's like 10-13 running always.
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  11. OverInstincXIII

    OverInstincXIII New Member

    Need Auto-Tuning Mode to select what is the best setting for each game to optimize performance per watt.
    some game can run at 45fps but another game can run 90fps if Game Booster can select CPU Speed, Framerate Target for each game. I think it perfect.
    Sorry for bad english.
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