GameDog [v2.4] - Chroma for CS:GO and DOTA2

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by WolfspiritM, Oct 26, 2015.


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  1. SYuksel

    SYuksel New Member

    GTA V ? it's a pity that it never gets updated until this time
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  2. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Even though I unchecked both options boxes I still get notified of this thread. :slightly_sad:
  3. it Works with blackwindow chroma v2 ?
  4. Hey Wolf, when ever i try to open the program it crashes without loading anything and i tried to uninstall and reinstall same thing is going on any tips?
  5. Roelvanloon

    Roelvanloon New Member

    i followed every step and when i open CS:GO it does not respond or do anything, please help!
  6. Sashence

    Sashence New Member

    Does this mean that I`m effed since I have a Deathstalker? I am trying to use Gamedog with CS:GO but I am having little to no luck - the in game stuff is barely working. WASD keys do not light up correctly (mostly RDFG are lit instead), no kill counter, no countdown, no nothing.
  7. TeerakSenpai

    TeerakSenpai New Member

    Does this works with razer huntsman?
  8. ElWacho22

    ElWacho22 New Member

    I have a problem when i open gamedog its says chroma sdk not enabled or available but when i open the task manager its opened what i do?
  9. BluSpectre

    BluSpectre New Member

    I have a problem: Whenever I start my computer, I have GameDog start by default as well. However, ever since the new update GameDog has been preventing Chroma from using the lights on my keyboard, even when no games have been opened at all. It's as if GameDog is overriding Chroma. Chroma detects my keyboard, but it just does the default chromatic cycling or even just black sometimes. This persists even when I close GameDog. When I disable GameDog from the connected apps list, everything goes back to normal. Can someone please help me with this?
  10. Draconic30

    Draconic30 New Member

    Does it still work in 2019? Because when i laugh csgo with this it just freezes the color of my keybaord
  11. AmzYoghurt

    AmzYoghurt New Member

    It works for me
  12. PM1904F17701262

    PM1904F17701262 New Member

    if razer cynosa chroma multi-color gaming keyboard can use dis mod????
  13. PM1904F17701262

    PM1904F17701262 New Member

    how to dowload gamedog in my pc????
  14. PM1904F17701262

    PM1904F17701262 New Member

    can razer cynosa choma use ?????
  15. kedar700

    kedar700 New Member

    Hello, i have problem i bought razer firefly hard version, but this version probably doesnt work with gamedog :slightly_sad:
    Can you help me?
  16. Hey man!

    With one of the new dota updates the day/night cycle has now changed to every 5 mins

    any chance the timer on the keypad can be changed to every 5 mins? or even if anybody can help me with changing this

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  17. frontAzureMist221

    frontAzureMist221 New Member

    Just got my huntsman elite. Every time I start Gamedog the lights on the keyboard dies and only comes back if I restart. Any suggestions?
  18. buzzlightyear1309

    buzzlightyear1309 New Member

    I got the Orbweaver Chroma today and tried using gamedog. I am trying to only get the cooldowns working (other effects also not working). When I check the "All" checkbox the ability cooldowns work, affecting everything. But using the default of only changing the current button causes nothing to happen. please help
  19. tjrobot

    tjrobot New Member

    I followed everything and nothing happened, my lighting just froze
  20. NokeBA

    NokeBA New Member

    Work with Huntsman Elite, just follow instructions.
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