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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Dekades, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. Vorpal69

    Vorpal69 New Member

    I can safely speak for everyone here, guess we can go f*** ourselves. I'll be selling mine, I have researched and I'll be getting a HyperX Alloy Origins Core (aqua), it's solid and rather cheap. I suggest you guys go for another keyboard too. Don't get me wrong, Razer products are nice when they work or not break (i.e. naga, deathadder etc.) but most of their products are overpriced pieces of cheap plastic, the software USED to be perfect, now that is also shit. Anyway, that is all.
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  2. PuNt3y

    PuNt3y New Member

    Just bought a Huntsman V2 Analog and unfortunately I am returning it for a full refund thankfully through Amazon and not Razer direct due to the issue that so many people have reported about the keys sticking. This is known to be caused by the Synapse software and the issue also plagues the Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad and has been ongoing for months. My friend went trough months of testing with Razer Support to try and find the issue with his Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad wasting so much of his time having him do their job effectively even though Razer knows it is a software issue and their final solution was not use Synapse which is a ridiculous considering Synapse is an integral part of the product (he still hasn't been able to get his refund). Not using Synapse is not a solution for me especially as this is not the only Razer product I have I have spent sooooo much money with Razer and their partners and I am disappointed that this is still not fixed by a company who's tag line is "for gamers by gamers" please Razer fix you software.

    My Razer products
    Mouse - Basilisk V2
    Keyboard - Cynosa V2
    Headphones - Nari
    Speakers - Nommo Chroma
    Mouse Pad - Goliathus Extended
    Game Pad - Raiju Ultimate
    Other - Chroma Addressable RGB Controller
    Motherboard - ASRock B550 Taichi Razer Edition
    Case - LIAN-LI PC-O11 Dynamic Razer Edition
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  3. Vorpal69

    Vorpal69 New Member

    I have the same case as you, suffice to say that I used to be a big supporter of Razer, now I'm just disappointed, this is truly unacceptable. What I hate the most is the lack of communication.
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  4. Vorpal69

    Vorpal69 New Member

    I don't use the keyboard anymore, I even tried selling it but it won't sell, reason being... I put in the description that this line is actually problematic, I don't want to create more victims. Anyway, has anyone tried the newest driver? It was a super long install and I'm curious if they made any big changes to synapse..

    (I use naga X, I still can't store calibration profiles properly, they always reset, so that wasn't fixed)
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  5. AStaUK

    AStaUK New Member

    I replied to another thread, strangely my eyesight must be playing up I thought it was this thread. Anyway, I installed an update for Synapse/Huntsman at the weekend and since then after playing a full day of Destiny 2 I've not had an issue the keys ghosting. I'm not saying it's fixed but so far so good, will keep an eye open and see if the issue raise's it's head at somepoint.

    *no issues today after an hour or two of D2/Borderlands.
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  6. JannaFF

    JannaFF New Member

    If anyone still have the keyboard and cant fill a refund, just call ur bank/fill a paypal dispute

    They wont fix anything, i even gave them the chance to make a proper refund and i never got response after sending the keyboard back, wich also cost me some extra money, and the cherry on top is that they failed to pick it up at least once from what i can see on the tracking.

    I will never buy anything else from the razer store, at least amazon support is actually existent.
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  7. xsonicicex

    xsonicicex New Member

    Definitely still an issue for me. I deeply regret this purchase.
  8. ReedTiger

    ReedTiger New Member

    Like many others, I'm just tired of putting up with the problem. I took the keyboard to the warranty department of the store where I purchase it, now I'm just humbly waiting for a decision. If will no return, I will sell this piece of misunderstanding.
  9. psychrage

    psychrage New Member

    This keyboard was complete garabage and I'll NEVER buy another Razer keyboard. The lack of even acknowledging the issue, let alone saying "hey, we're working on it" is beyond infuriating for a $250 product.

    I had returned a roccat mouse and keyboard and bought the razer for a total of -$29. Because it's a refunded situation, it doesn't look like i can dispute anything. Best Buy's return window was 2 weeks. I THOUGHT I had noticed it a couple of times in that two week window or didn't think much of it. Maybe I wasn't gaming much during that period?

    Anyways the frequency of the sticky keys became much more apparent rather quickly.

    I contacted Razer Support via Twitter, they were unaware of the sticky keys issue, and then I was eventually ignored after providing a video of the issue that I telling them it wasn't my video, but same issue. The sticky keys happened often, but was near impossible to game and film at the same time.

    Of course closing Synapse fixes the sticky keys, but I could have accomplished the lack of features with a random $80 mechanical keyboard. You NEED Synapse to take advantage of ANYTHING advertised with this keyboard. It's a software issue!!!

    Anyways, I picked up a Corsair K100 and it's been great.

    I can't sell it off, because it's defective. A return would be forced on me by ebay. And I can't in good faith attempt to trick someone into buying it.

    Hopefully someone at Razer see's these and finally does something about it. But I'm extremely disappointed.
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