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rainbow six siege problems

Discussion in 'Systems' started by portaltechnoBone441, Mar 25, 2019.

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  1. portaltechnoBone441

    portaltechnoBone441 New Member

    So i play rainbow on my razer blade pro and i can play maybe a couple of rounds then my hole game and discord or any app i have open will disconnect from the internet for like 2 seconds but it makes me lag out and it will do this like ever round making it unplayable for a good bit. this the only game it does it for. Does anyone have this problem and if so how did u fix it
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  2. rb6freak

    rb6freak New Member

    I wouldn't say that it is Rainbow Six causing this issue, but then again it could be really anything. First question is, are you on WiFi? If so, get off of it while playing competitive FPS games. If on WiFi, it could be your router doing a DHCP lease renew or switching your band from 2.4 to 5ghz, driver failure, hardware interrupt, anything really.

    Here is how I would figure out the problem: Open up Event Viewer in Windows (Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Event Viewer) and leave it open while you go play games. When the issue occurs, note the time on your computer when it happens, and go scroll through Windows Logs in Event Viewer and look for what's happening on your computer. I'd start with System and Application events, Errors (Red) and Warnings (Yellow). Find the ones that occurred at the same time you lagged out, and you should find the source of your problem. Let me know if you find anything, I will try and help.
  3. portaltechnoBone441

    portaltechnoBone441 New Member

    so i did what you said rb6freak and the error said,
    Profile notification of event Load for component {B31118B2-1F49-48E5-B6F5-BC21CAEC56FB} failed, error code is See Tracelogging for error details.
    i dont know what to do tho
  4. rb6freak

    rb6freak New Member

    That one is a Windows thing and is not important. Are there any other errors around the time? Look for ones that are not repeating like the one you just showed me.

    Which Razer blade do you have exactly?

    Some suggestions: 1) Windows update 2) Download the latest drivers for network cards for your laptop. These can be found on Razer website. 3) Download latest NVidia drivers. 4) Disable game mode [Start --> Settings --> Search for Game Mode --> Off]
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