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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. vinebestDesert386

    vinebestDesert386 New Member

    I use Bootcamp to run Windows 10 on my Mac. Ignoring the fact that Synapse 3 is a major improvement that the Mac version desperately needs, switching between the two seems to have introduced new glitches I've never seen before. After I first used Synapse 3 on Windows, my keyboard stopped automatically connecting to Synapse 2 on macOS, which means I have to unplug it and wait for my Profiles to load every time I reboot or log in.

    After the most recent Mac update, I got the "Synapse will not be supported soon" notification. I can deal with these inconveniences now, but Razer is losing me as a customer if there isn't a Synapse by the time Apple releases the 10.16 update. Not being able to load the keybinds and color layouts I've used for years is a dealbreaker.
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  2. frontYankeesBlue234

    frontYankeesBlue234 New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I create this project to set color effects natively on macOS Catalina:

    Please check it out and see if it helps you.
    Keyboards are working very well at the moment, while mice and mouse mats are still in the testing phase.
    Would be good if you guys let me know how well it works.
  3. when will razer synapse 3 come out for mac? Because I've been waiting for a while.
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  4. Ninja-Coww

    Ninja-Coww New Member

    Thank you very much for sharing, looking forward to more updates! Works like a charm for me with the Blackwidow! Would be awesome if you could somehow figure out a way to make the Chroma features fully customisable without using presets, nevertheless this is great!
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  5. AngelusGalenia

    AngelusGalenia New Member

  6. frontYankeesBlue234

    frontYankeesBlue234 New Member

    This requires software effects and the app running in the background. AngelusGalenia actually implemented this yesterday with customised colour cycling in our latest version.
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  7. SJSharkMaster

    SJSharkMaster New Member

    This is great! However, unfortunately my Mac will not open it because of the "malware" however I will get around this. Thank you for this project!

    Edit: Will there be support for the Mamba Elite at some point?
  8. AngelusGalenia

    AngelusGalenia New Member

    The way to get around the security warning is to open your Applications folder and right click the Razer and select Open. You may need to do this twice, the second time an option "Open" will popup and then you're good after that.
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  9. pixelwolfie

    pixelwolfie New Member

    Would it be possible to add support for the 'Chroma Base Station' as well? Thank you so much!
  10. mjs05

    mjs05 New Member

    So you're telling me I paid a couple of hundred dollars for a keyboard (Huntsman elite) for no support of software on macos? are you kidding me? I'm a software engineer and I love the feel of the switches , but I use many machines and the daily driver is a macbook pro ... this is just absurd!
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  11. JacksonWrath

    JacksonWrath New Member

    Voicing support for this even though the FAQ basically states they never intend to support macOS again.
  12. ASDFUser46

    ASDFUser46 New Member

    Sorry for that question, but how do I run this project? Through Terminal? Can I get some guiding steps for that if you don't mind?
  13. As with others here if they are indeed flatly dropping support for Mac, I'm done with this company.
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  14. AngelusGalenia

    AngelusGalenia New Member

    On that website I linked go to Releases on the right hand side. Then download the .dmg file of the latest release. Open the .dmg file and drag the Razer macOS app to Applications. There are some instructions on security that are on the main github project link I provided to open the app. Hope that helps!
  15. I have the problem, that I can only configure the cycling of colors in "Cycle all Device", but the other options like wave, starlight etc. don't do anything. Is that a known problem or am I missing something? Got a Razer BlackWidow 2019.
  16. Vadimer

    Vadimer New Member

    yea i just picked up the huntsman for my mac and I did not realize that it is not supported. I hope they fix this issue soon but i won´t hold my breath since i have now seen these posts from 2019
  17. Aaronius306

    Aaronius306 New Member

    Oddly enough when you try to search around for recent posts related to no mac support, on their website for Synapse 3 all it says now is that it isn’t “currently” supported on mac - which leaves it open to interpretation. Making me think enough people are complaining about it now over the last year to justify a shake of the head.

    If it was a sure thing there wont ever be mac support for synapse 3 then it should say ONLY for Windows, OR NOT conpatible with macOS. Period. Not this “currently” incompatible bs.

    Which is it RAZER?

    Yeah this is crazy stupid..Look at what your own user base is doing. What your team of devs and engineers refuses to..for some reason? Idk. Pure laziness is all I can think of tbh - “But it’s too haaard to maintain our new proprietary software across multiple operating systems”. . . O K

    Like assuming all your customers are going to research in depth about what specific operating system is compatible at the bottom of the page on Synapse. No dude, people see a colorful and well equipped mouse or keyboard they like, they buy it, doesnt matter what kind of computer they have at home...Because you dont CLEARLY state its bot compatible with Mac on the packaging or on your website splash pages - Kind of gotta dig first before that comes up in writing - which most consumers arent doing because if they see your crap on a shelf and they like it they buy it and get home and their initial excitement is just deflated because, well, cuz you suck basically.
  18. Vadimer

    Vadimer New Member

    well, it is compatible with Mac OS. it is that don't flipping tell you that you cant use the product to its full potential. I got this new hunterjunk because of the keys. they work well and i really enjoy the feel of this keyboard, however, I can't control the damn lights and it is annoying to watch it just change colors. I really do like my mac and i do not want to switch from it to be able to use all the features of the keyboard and mouse.

    PRISMPRC New Member

    Thank so much! I would be great if the "Wave" Effect included the charging dock for the Basilisk Ultimate.
  20. j.d.p1979

    j.d.p1979 New Member

    Well if they can't support MAC I will never buy Razer again. It says on the headset that Mac OS supported but then the software you need is not. They need to get on top of things.
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