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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by abmanzo, Aug 13, 2020.

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  1. Tick_55

    Tick_55 New Member

    dude this sucks Most people here just want to have a cool looking and feeling mouse but without MacOS support it sucks
  2. VioletRYBleetweb566

    VioletRYBleetweb566 New Member

    Welp, just another person who spent hours debating on which Razer product to purchase to only find out I was wrongfully assuming it supported Mac. Wanted to LOVE my Blackwidow v3 Quartz, I've been eyeing a Quartz keyboard for the LONGEST time and knew Razer was the best in the game, but this lack of Mac support is killing me. Sadly returning this lovely clicky keyboard. Can't believe it's 2021 and there's no Mac support. I don't get what the hold up is!
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  3. psycho_princess

    psycho_princess New Member

    Please make OS version. Or tell us how to and we can create it
  4. psycho_princess

    psycho_princess New Member

    How can we make this post to the top? Frustrated about the support!
  5. Fagaio

    Fagaio New Member

    one more here with the same problem, i just bought and if they don't enable support i will have to refound.
  6. Fagaio

    Fagaio New Member

    so disappointed
  7. Scafat

    Scafat New Member

    Got a BlackWidow v3 and a DeathAdder v2 from my partner for my 25th birthday. She bought them for the pretty lights that we can change.

    Imagine both herself and me discovering no Synapse3 support. Heartbroken to say the least...
  8. epikiskaos

    epikiskaos New Member

    Got two Tartarus Pro v2 for my lady and I. No support for mac its a DAMN SHAME. Not only that but no warning, Make it clear for your customers that your product is lacking. For the money these things cost you think you could afford the development for mac. Thankfully I just bought a Logitech MMO mouse and their software supports us. Razer, you lost a customer here. SMH.

    I recommend Logitech to any of the gamers out there like me that jam on a mac, or anyone that wants to macro a mouse for work. As a developer I LOVE MY G604.
  9. I have been checking this forum every few months, hoping for an update on this...nothing. This is ridiculous. I am an editor, and I used to use the Naga every day; I told every editor I know to buy this mouse, so for Razer to stop supporting OS is insane. Please offer some sort of solution.
  10. datmeik

    datmeik New Member

    Actually I just wanted to know whats the big issue impending Razer to port their Chroma SDK to MacOS. I realize that the Synapse / Chroma Studio was rewritten from scratch, but I cannot understand why we have a iOS app to remote control modules and we even have support for consoles (so this is not something written in, let`s say, .NET Framework). I also know that developing for Mac can be a big hassle and it is somewhat costly, but doesn`t the profits in selling for this market and the aggregate value compensate that?

    You know, this is the 110th entry on this thread so only here we have some thousand bucks being spent in hardware from other company, and that is not even the matter of these ppl hating Razer, totally the opposite actually. Also the habitual customer from a certain company tends to get their kit based on this, and something like that is a huge no-go. Talking for myself, I`m just passing every chance to get a Tartarus since it would be used exclusively on a Mac (as a custom DAW controller) and I`m even considering not buying a Lancehead for my gaming rig as well. You can think 110 customers aren`t shit but actually I`m just one of the thousand clients out there peeking at this conversation every 6 months or so without posting, so this is a very loose number for a salesforce guidance.

    MacOS market IS a big one, you see, ppl going for Razer swag are not only Mac gamers but there`s a lot of audiovisual professionals, developers, and even ppl that would like to explore the possibilities for a SDK integration on other softwares. Well, it`s a real shame no one cares.
  11. eleonoreh

    eleonoreh New Member

    I want to also chime in, as the #111 post, that I would use Synapse 3 on macOS Big Sur, and even Synapse 2 for that matter. Thanks!
  12. fearlesshyena

    fearlesshyena New Member

    I'm almost certain Razer support doesn't even check the forums (they haven't responded here after almost a year)
    It's probably a better idea for everyone who wants Synapse 3 on Mac sign this petition on Change to get them to do something. The goal seems to be 500 signs so if everyone on this thread chimed in, it'd likely reach the goal soon
  13. jmarkstar

    jmarkstar New Member

    This is ridiculous :/
  14. Jack78davis

    Jack78davis New Member

    This is such a poor decision, needs support
  15. upViridianfront909

    upViridianfront909 New Member

  16. elvengard

    elvengard New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I've got some Razer gear I'm selling now...
  17. Vecyev

    Vecyev New Member

    They don't care. That's been made pretty clear. Just dropped $150 on my Naga Pro only to find this out after the fact.
  18. Mickis98

    Mickis98 New Member

    Please make a Mac-version of synapse 3. I got my kitty headphones today and I really like them but when I found out that synapse 3 doesn't work on Mac I felt really disappointed. 160€ for headphones is a lot of money. So Please listen to all of us and make the synaps 3 for Mac.
  19. undee

    undee New Member

    Indeed. I have quite a few Razer devices and so far could live with it. But not being able to configure the Kiyo Pro? It starts to hurt now.... So c'mon! Pretty please?

    Edit: At least, Razer, please give us some transparency here. Communicate! Whats the issue? Is it you? is it apple? Are you considering it? Are you working on it? Did you work on it and just can't get it running? Any information (at all) would be really appreciated!
  20. Primorph

    Primorph New Member

    Just bought a new deathadder. Disappointed that synapse 3 is not compatible with my mac. PLEASE GIVE MORE SUPPORT TO THE MAC RAZER
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