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[SUPPORT VIDEO] How to Replace Keycaps on a Razer Keyboard

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This video will show you how to replace keycaps on a Razer keyboard.

Please note that any damages caused by upgrading or modifying your Razer product are not covered by Razer's Warranty Policy. For more information, see Razer's Warranty Policy.

Visit the Support page on Replacing Keycaps on a Razer Keyboard: https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4539

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Not that it is so much complicated, but with this video you can be comforted about the right way to do this.

Agree - not much complicated - but saw few people pulling their keycaps not straight up, which caused damage to the stem.
Well I wanna replace ever keyss
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It's actually easier than it looks.

Agreed, no excuses to not clean your keyboard guys
Nice to have a video as a quick tutorial if needed

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I don't have a mechanical keyboard, but if I get one that is a razer this would help a lot. Thanks
Very useful. I want those keycaps!