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Synapse 3

  • 20 January 2023
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I've got all RGB peripherals + PC lighting synced, and I have it set to 'Audio Detection' (cause that's the coolest mode) ---

Once I set everything up, and choose 'GAME SYNC' on MSI Dragon Center - I play a song.

Alas! Everything is synced, and looks great. BUT!!! the RGBs in my PC only react to audio for about 30 seconds, before seemingly being overridden.

I have to go back, turn Game Sync off, and turn it back on again just to run in the same circles.


2 Replies

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good times when LEDs in electronics only served to show operating states and problems. but today all they do is bring more problems. just imagining everything flashing my stress would increase by 569% hahaha.

The excessive use of LEDs in modern electronics can be overwhelming and even distracting at times. However, LEDs have become an essential component in the design and functionality of many devices. They can indicate important information such as charging status, notifications, and errors. But if you find the flashing lights stressful, you can usually adjust the settings in the device's configuration or cover the LEDs with tape or a sticker to reduce echatrandom the brightness