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PSA: Razer Phone & The Razer Kishi (Update 26/06)

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Hey insiders!

I'm sure you've noticed the Razer Kishi is now officially out! You can pick yours up on Amazon or the Razer store now :)

Unfortunately the Kishi isn't compatible with the Razer Phone out of the box :slightly_sad:

However! Razer have made an adaptor for Razer Phone owners to use so they can get the best out of their Kishi!

Simply send the CS team a message and ask for the adaptor and they'll sort out getting one sent out to you!

Please let me know what you think of the Kishi below and any feedback you have about the app :)


Update: 26/06

Hey everyone

I just wanted to provide a little update in regards to these adaptors.

As a whole Razer support is just flooded! I know you're all eagerly waiting your adaptor I know how you feel i'm waiting too! but please give them time to process the request and for them to contact the relevant teams internally! remember the person you're talking too isn't the person who will be arranging the adaptor and are just middle men in the end! please be kind and respectful during these hard times.

Also as it turns out you can indeed insert a RP1 into the Kishi, I've done this myself and you can see in the picture attached how it looks.


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So after some time, I have decided to just use my Kishi with my Razer Phone 1 which stays at home.

For my Razer Phone 2 I have gone back to using the Razer Raiju Mobile as it's just so much easier to use. I will probably be using the Junglecat if I am to travel but I won't be for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic.

Hope everyone is staying safe!
Thanks for the update @liljuny ! After about 4 weeks I finally received mine today and you're not kidding, it's a very snug fit. I haven't really had a chance to use it for any amount of time but I'll provide some feedback once I have.
10/10 Worth the wait...
seriously somebody out there must know if the Kishi's app includes software to program buttons to screen?

Anybody? Please?

i have also tried the application but it's not upto the mark i see, let's hope for the best buddy.
i have purchased the Octopus plugin - this basically remapps screen to button for any game apart from COD Mobile (apparantly activision banned it) - well worth the money as it saves each games button maps as well
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Hey everyone! Should you have an issue with your Razer Kishi or other Razer devices, please submit a ticket to our Support Team. Else, send me a PM so I can assist you.
I got a second hand Kishi for my Razer 2 phone but cant contact support to order the inserts, can someone help?
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I got a second hand Kishi for my Razer 2 phone but cant contact support to order the inserts, can someone help?

Hi there! Have you submitted a ticket already? If you haven't, click the link I've posted above. Else, send me a PM.